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Monday, August 06, 2007

Hillary Booed

Heh - when Nutrooters boo fellow Nutrooters, well...damn, it's funny! Ribald, knee-slapping, coughing fits funny!

Hillary Clinton MrsSatan was loudly derided for her decision to skip a forum for Democratic presidential hopefuls being hosted Sunday by left-wing bloggers. The Independent:

    Boos greeted the news that Clinton would be the only main candidate not to attend the forum.

    It highlighted the suspicion she faces among the 'netroots' - blogger activists who helped propel the anti-war Howard Dean to within a whisker of the Democratic nomination in 2004.

    But despite not attending the forum, Hillary will attend the YearlyKos conference in Chicago along with her rivals Barack Obama and John Edwards. Their presence underscores the increasing power of the netroots which are fast becoming as much a part of the Democratic establishment as trade unions and minority groups.

    Clinton is regularly lambasted by anti-war bloggers on major left-wing sites such as Daily Kos, Huffington Post and MyDD for her 2002 vote authorising the Iraq invasion, in contrast to Obama, who opposed it.

And she was booed again at the yearly convention of America Haters ...F*cktard Gathering ... Left Wing-jackbooted-clicking-red-armband-wearing-crypto-Nazis...um, yearly DailyKooKs Konvention. Politico:

    ...she expected boos when she spoke here. But that happened only twice.

    The first time came in a face-to-face meeting with a hundred or so activists before the debate began.

    “I was born in this city,” she told them. “Cubs, not Sox.”


    “Don’t tell anybody, but I actually read blogs,” she said. “Don’t share that.”

So it's the Cubs now? But-but-but...hasn't she "always been a Yankee's Fan"?

I hope MrsSatan reads my blog, after all, the URL is named after her!


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