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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ed Schultz Attacks Suzanne Craig

I'd like to take this opportunity to briefly thank the fat, drunken, dog-shooting/killing, talking-out-of-his-fat-ass
Ed Schultz for the endless amount of material he provides me.

The following statements were made by Schultz on his program of Wednesday, August 29, 2007, regarding Senator Larry Craig and his wife:

    15 minutes into the opening of his program:
    "Maybe Larry Craig's wife sticks by him because she doesn't want to go out and get a job."

    14 minutes into the second hour of his program:
    "Maybe [Mrs. Craig] goes along with this because she's looking forward to the retirement."

    16 minutes into the third hour of his program:
    "She's a fool to go along with this."

    28 minutes into the third hour:
    "[Mrs. Craig] is an idiot for staying with him. She's dumb."

Nice attack on a woman who is not even in the public eye and never has been, Fat Man. Are you proud of your verbal attack and verbal assault on Mrs. Craig? Is this the only way you can feel like a man?

If Mrs. Craig is a "fool", an "idiot" and is "dumb" for staying married to her husband...then what does that make Hillary Clinton?

You didn't even realize you were completely and absolutely stating the standard that every non-Liberal and independent observer sees and has said about the Clinton marriage, did you Fat Man?

Make sure that when you have Hillary Clinton as a guest on your program again that you ask her if she is a fool, an idiot and dumb for staying married to her Stand By Her Adulterous and Rapist Man. You don't have the balls to ask her that Fat Man, because she'd kick your ass from uptown to downtown and back again.


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wow you beez a little toasty.

was pretty crappy stuff from shultz, but we are eyeball deep in this stuff these days. i think even i am getting jaded.

go figure.

Which poli party says "don't do personal attacks" and then does exactly that?

Schultz is an ass. Anyone who is hunts drunk and ends up shooting and killing his own dog is simply a fuckwad. You can verify this fact by searching it yourself or reading thru the posts I have on him by clicking on LABELS below.

I think Fat Ed is still smarting from ripping on Air America (see my short film Schultz Fellates Franken), and the whole audio is included in the posts attached to LABEL. Now Fat Ed makes nice with Air America. He's a duplicitous, hypocritical drunk. I will "toast" the day he dies with martinis.

Sorry, that's exactly how I feel. Some people are a detriment to society and would be better off dead. Schultz is one of those.
Ed Schultz really is a bloated, worthless, brain dead, POS. Nice job ripping him a new poop shoot DD.
Thanks Mol! He is a POS! A drunk hunter dog-shooting killing POS.

Hey - how'd the recent hike go? I recall a comment 2-3(?) weeks ago from you saying you were heading to Colo to do some hiking.
How come "Doggie Killer" Ed didn't get sent up the river like Micheal Vic? Who knows, he might have even been able to kindle a hot prison romance. Uh. Probably not. Not even a desparate inmate would want any part of that turd.

As far as CO goes, I haven't made it yet. I'm still in the planning phase. Oh wait. I forgot. I don't have a plan. If I do make the trip, it won't be until after Labor Day. Prices for hotels drop dramatically after Labor Day. Although I am planning to use my truck as a camper as much as possible, sleeping indoors and a hot shower are very desireable every once in a while. The other thing I was hoping for was a hefty drop in gas prices with the end of the summer driving season although the latest inventory report was not promising. My truck likes gas almost as much as Billary likes hookers. At 3+ bucks a gallon I don't know if I should spend the money. I am between jobs right now so time is plentiful, but not so much the cabbage. I'll probably go anyway. Screw the money. The Fed is always printing more money, but time is rarely abundant and unlike money, time can't be put in the bank and saved for later.
Well have a great time when you do get around to hiking CO and travel safely.

I think Northern MN has some pretty good rock climbing, tho not like the mountains in CO. But at least you wouldn't have to travel as far.

I too am interested to see how much gas prices drop after Monday.

Take Care Molson, stay in touch. You're a good guy!
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