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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Chris Dodds' Fly

"Help me...."

I saw the precious last 10 minutes of the Democrat Debate this morning on ABC's "This Week with George Stephanopoulos".

Did you notice the fly on Chris Dodd's head? He didn't swat at it at all, Dodd was completely oblivious to the fly, as it walked around and around his white hair. Maybe it was laying eggs? Well, the fly is only doing what a fly does when landing on such a large pile of expletive deleted.

Where were the other flies atop the other seven piles of expletive deleted candidates. I bet the fly-deprived candidates feel disenfranchised; they'll probably sue and seek "fly-deprivation counselling".


Linking Here:
Matt Cooper, Portfolio.com: The Dodd Campaign

8/20/07 UPDATE:

It didn't take long for it to hit YouTube. Enjoy:


"I bet the fly-deprived candidates feel disenfranchised; they'll probably sue and seek "fly-deprivation counselling"."

Good one DD. With that, you win the snarky comment of the day award. ;-)
Thanks! I am honored and humbled to win snarky comment OTD!
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