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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Alberto Gonzales Resigns,
Lefties Celebrate Hollow Victory

United States Attorney General Alberto Gonzales tendered his resignation to President George W. Bush on Sunday. The resignation is effective as of September 17.

And the Liberals celebrate another Hollow Victory.

The LeftTards must be wetting and soiling themselves with glee over this monumental non-event. This is just another hollow victory the Left pretends is a win. The Left did what they do best, dragging someone through the mud. Lefties must be proud of themselves.

There is nothing Gonzales did as Attorney General to warrant his resignation. Oh, the Left can bring up the firing of eight federal prosecutors, but once again this is a non-issue, another Dog and Pony Show brought to you by the Democrats. The only people upset with the firing of these appointed prosecutors - who they conveniently forget and ignore serve at the will and pleasure of the president - are the LeftTards.

Because they stand for and represent nothing, the only tactic that Democrats have is the politics of personal destruction. Some great Liberal leader, I can't remember who, once said the politics of personal destruction must end. While that was a good sound byte, those words served only as camouflage for the Lefties to continue down their path of doing nothing but personally attacking those who disagree with them. Personally attacking the political opposition is the only thing in which Democrats excel, well, other than Taxing and Spending.

Now Mr. Janet Reno - now there's someone who, in the minds of these same Liberals that seethe and hate Gonzales and who are frothing at the mouth with Bush Derangement Syndrome - she was a great AG according to the Lefties.

She sure knew how to butcher over 70 (some sources cite over 80) American citizens - 20 of them children - down there in Waco, Texas at that Branch Davidian Church. Of course, when you have a U.S. Military General helping you kill your own people it helps move things along. No - not a peep from the Lefties when Bill Clinton suspends Posse Comitatus.

Oh, and that little problem of illegal immigration from Mexico? Mr. Reno and Bubba let all that slide too. But they sure made it a point to deport a 6-year old Cuban boy who posed no threat to anyone. Just boot all that Castro-Commie-Oppressive Regime stuff out the door and make an example out of Elian Gonzalez.

Democrats are unable to debate any issue with logic, facts, history or, most importantly, the truth. Therefore, they resort to attacking the person. One could almost - almost - feel sorry for such a sad group of individuals, except that they are such a cluster of unrelenting Hatemongers. Visit almost any Liberal blogger or Lefty web site and the Hate of the Dems is in full force, full display. Visit any Liberal blogger and add a comment to their discussion, a comment using facts that shoots holes in their beliefs, and you will be met with the most vicious personal attacks beyond your wildest imagination.

Why, the Lefties even end up hating their own and this is why their manifested hatred is such fun as a spectator sport. They end up hating Democrat Senators like Joe Lieberman and Zell Miller. "They're not Left enought," cry the Liberal Hatemongers.

DailyKooKs kicks Cindy Sheehan out of their clubhouse because she dares challenge Darling of The Left Nanny Pelosi's congressional seat.

The Dems - 99.9% of them - are petulant, tantrum-throwing, spoiled children who screech like a tortured banshee when they don't get their way.

It's funny when Democrats and Liberals whine and cry. It's sad when they're elected to office.


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