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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Senate Democrats Get Ready For
All Nighter and Slumber Party

Senate Democrats, with Nevader Majority Leader Real Estate Mogul and Senator Harry Reid leading the way, Get Ready for an All-Nighter. CNN:

    Frustrated by Republican efforts to block votes on bringing American combat troops home from Iraq, Senate Democratic leaders were preparing to roll out sleeping cots Tuesday for an all-night debate on the war.


    "We're going to work today. We're going to work [tonight]," Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid told reporters Monday. "We're going to continue working on this until we get a vote on this amendment."


    Workmen will set up cots near the Senate floor so senators have a place to slumber -- although it's not clear how many senators will choose to stay up for the debate, much less use the cots.

Left to right, from top left: Senators Clinton, Harry Reid, Joe Biden, Osama Obama, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy (foreground).

"We're going to stay awake all night long, debate the War in Iraq, tell scary stories and 'do' each others hair," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Democrat - Nevader. "Ted (Kennedy) is bringing the booze and Jim (Webb) is bringing adult entertainment material - perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned that," said an excited Reid.

Biden told NBC News, "Barack said if things really get slow and boring that he'd do my hair plugs into a cornrow, so I think it's going to be a very productive night."

"Tonight will be jush like...ur, ah...tonshight will be jush like our old frat parties," said a speech-slurring Kennedy.

Other items Democrat Senators are providing includes, Hillary Clinton, (D-NY) will bring the Democrat's Devil Pentagram, Robert Byrd (KKK-W. VA) is bringing extra sheets, Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) bringing a lutefisk casserole, Osama Obama (D-IL) providing the music, Barbara Boxer bringing special hash brownies (YUM!).



that graphic kills.
Do you think they tried to levitate Ted Kennedy? Or did they get out the ouija board and hold a seance? Damn funny stuff Dave!
Thanks T - and Mrs. Nesbitt. You'll find only the very best at this blog.....
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