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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Chilean Sea Bass Confronts Al Gore, Jr.

****Albert Gore, Junior ************** Chilean Sea Bass

Background: Al Gore served a threatened species of Chilean Sea Bass at a recent wedding reception for his daughter.

Chilean Sea Bass: Psssst. Hey, hey Al Gore. Hey! My family is missing and then I read where you served Chilean Sea Bass at your daughter's wedding reception.

Al Gore: Uh, yes, we served Chilean Sea Bass at my daughter's wedding dinner.

Chilean Sea Bass: Yeah, and my family was among them. You served and ate my family! What kind of a sick and hypocritical bastard relentlessly preaches about taking care of the environment and then serves as dinner a threatened species and eats my family?

Al Gore: Well...uhhhhhh...

Chilean Sea Bass: What do you have to say for yourself?

Al Gore: Global Warming made me do it?

Chilean Sea Bass: What?

Al Gore: I mean, global warming made me do it!

Chilean Sea Bass: Whoa...it's getting deep in here, better get my hip-waders.

Al Gore: I purchased Chilean Sea Bass offsets.

Chilean Sea Bass: What?

Al Gore: Yeah, that's it - I had purchased Chilean Sea Bass offsets.

Chilean Sea Bass: There's no such thing!

Al Gore: Ummm, sure there is. I own stock in a company that purchases offsets for Chilean Sea Bass...yeah, that's it. It's the same company that sells me my carbon offsets.

Chilean Sea Bass: You're lying! Just like you lie about having won the presidential election in 2000.

Al Gore: Hey! Watch it! That's still a sensitive issue with me!



Hey now... I like sensative men... no really, I do.

Chilean Sea Bass Offsets,lol!
It is remarkable how much Gore and the fish resemble one another.
Bug, BobG and ClintBird - thanks for visiting and commenting.

I had to put the names under each Gore and the Bass so people could tell them apart...
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