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Friday, June 29, 2007

Stick A Fork In Immigration Reform

"A modest increase in call volume" shut down many Senate offices on Thursday morning, calls from voters and constituents voicing their opposition to the Immigration Reform bill.

From The Hill.com (same as the above link):

    Opponents of the bipartisan immigration reform bill that stalled in the Senate after a 46-53 cloture vote this morning said foes of the bill had flooded Senate offices with phone calls.

    “The Verizon telephone switch[board] serving the Senate is experiencing problems that are being exacerbated by this morning’s modest increase in call volume,” says the e-mail, which was sent at 9:45 a.m.

Why anyone thought this immigration bill was good law or be helpful in combating illegal immigration is simply beyond common sense.

There's no reason to believe that any illegal immigrant would jump through the absurd hoops in this bill to become a legal citizen.

The problem with this failed immigration bill is similar to the problems with gun laws and criminals. Creating more gun laws doesn't solve or remedy crimes committed by criminals with guns. Too many gun laws are already on the books and they are not being enforced. Creating another layer of gun laws and regulations will do nothing to reduce crime and criminals intent on committing crimes who possess a gun that they've illegally obtained.

Adding more laws and layers of immigration reform to the already existing laws - without enforcing the ones currently in effect - would have done nothing to alleviate the root of the problem.

An overwhelming majority of the American people have spoken. They were not impressed by the language in this new immigration bill. The Senate- and make no mistake about it, President Bush as well - didn't listen...until today when the Senate phone lines melted.

TVNZ headlines the defeat of this Immigration bill as "Bush Defeated On Immigration". Well, this defeat should make Liberals happy then, right?

This Immigration Reform bill was bad law. I'm glad it failed. It was something Bush really wanted to see enacted. Please take note, those of you affected with Bush Derangement Syndrome, who think that I blindly follow and support anything and everything Bush and the Republicans say and/or do: I'm glad this bill failed. I'm glad Bush didn't get what he wanted on this.

The American people, as Harry Reid is so fond of quoting, have spoken.

Other fine writers blogging on the defeat of Immigration:

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Layla Gonzalez at The Hill Chronicles: Shmanesty Dies In The Senate
Nuke Gingrich: Break Out The Sackcloth And Ashes
Big Dick: Support Your Local Wetback Bill Is Dead
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ding dong the Bill is dead..booyahhh!!
i agree! boooyahhhhhh, indeed!
I posted the curent enews from my state's senator. I think his view represents what I'm thinking (or at least mostly).
I will be over in a bit to read what your State Senator has to say.

It took melting down the phone lines in order for asshats like Kennedy and Reid to "get this". And as much as I think Bush is doing a good job overall (the war, unemployment is low, stock market up, etc) - he was completely NUMB to what "the people" wanted on this, which was NO AMNESTY. How could he not "get it"?

Thanks for commenting and visiting as always.
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