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Thursday, June 28, 2007

John Edwards Is A Sissy

LiberTard Chris Matthews, drooling and perhaps in some sort of pre-diabetic shock, sand-bagged Ann Coulter on his program two nights ago with a phone call from Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former Senator and Democrat presidential candidate John Edwards. I'm guessing this is nothing more than a desperate attempt by Matthews to garner some ratings and viewers for his unwatched program of unstoppable dysentery from his mouth.

Coulter didn't take the bait and good for her. She doesn't need me defending her. She's smart enough to realize when she's being set-up and make no mistake about it, Matthews had set her up.

John Edwards won't appear on FOX News and take questions from Chris Wallace, Brit Hume or Sean Hannity, yet, he postures himself as someone who can negotiate with terrorists, America-haters and those that want to hurt us and do us harm. He'd wet his pants in the presence of Ayman al-Zawahiri.

How is anything Coulter said different from that of Bill Maher saying a few months ago that he wishes that Vice President Dick Cheney had been killed by insurgents?

How is what Coulter said different from the mock and "fictional" documentary "Death of A President"?

John Edwards, as a trial attorney, did nothing but exploit the deaths and injuries of those he represented. Now, when he finds himself on the receiving end of just a tiny bit of what he spent his life doing, he has a hissy fit and puts his wife up to fighting battles for him against Ann Coulter.

It was only this past February when Edwards had his staff bloggers writing about hate on his site. This was downplayed by Edwards, of course, because it was hatred from Liberals directed at Conservatives, especially religious Conservatives.

See, this is how it works; the Left is allowed and permitted to say and display any and all types of hatred toward Conservatives and anyone else that doesn't goose-step along with them. But the Left immediately cries "foul" when the same is said about them. If you can't take it - and Dems can't - you shouldn't dish it out. But the Left always wants to have their cake and eat it too and Coulter, for one, will not let them get away with it. I say, good for her and others like her.

John Edwards has his poor cancer-stricken wife fighting his battles for him. No real man would behave like John Edwards.

John, don a sun dress and some lipstick and admit that you're a woman. Perhaps a tutu?



damn straight, he's a sissy. No wonder Coulter called him a fag. If the label fits......
Getting your cancer-stricken wife to fight your political battles...how much more sissified can one get?

Thanks for stopping by KM.
BwaaaHaHaHa. Look at the kankles on Sissy Boy. Love the pic.
Molson - heh - who knew it isn't just Hillary who's got the cankles, eh?

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hike well, my friend.
Why don't you post the comments of those that don't agree with you? Afraid of a different point of view? Want to get rid of all those who are different? Sound like the agenda of your enemies???
Anony - I do publish comments that disagree. Is there a specific comment or post that concerns you?
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