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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Farfour "Killed...Martyred" In Final Episode

"I'm looking forward to 72 rodent virgins," are reported to be his dying last words.

Farfour, the anti-Semitic, pro-Islamofascism mouse of Hamas Television was killed [Friday] by an Israeli Terrorist.

Farfour found fame and fortune with Al Aqsa Hamas TV after a post-Vaudeville career that spanned decades.

Best known as Slappy al-Rodentia in the late 1920s, his stage act consisted of mock suicide bombings decades before they became popular and anti-Semitic jokes and routines including, "Who's In The Oven", of which the comedy team Abbott and Costello years later would model their famous "Who's On First" routine.

"He was a funny, funny mouse," said Vaudeville veteran Henny Schliebovitz, 99-years old. "But he never knew his limits. He was always pushing the anti-Semitism angle. A lot of club owners refused to book him after a while."

Farfour had a two short-lived television series. "The Zyklon B-Colgate Comedy Hour" ran for two seasons, 1959-1961 and was yanked by the network for not being pro-terrorism and anti-Semitic enough. His unsuccessful sitcom, "Those Damn Jews", lasted for only one season in 1970. It was cancelled for not containing enough "hatred and anti-Semitism".

Ten years later, with the sitcom/adventure "Farfour Und Das Führer", he found success and international acclaim portraying a time-traveling mouse who befriends Adolf Hitler in the midst of World War II. The series ran for six years and was the number one top-rated television program in all Arabic countries.

NBC's "Saturday Night Live" caused heated controversy by having Farfour as the program's host in 1988. NBC was flooded with phone calls from people angry and upset with him hosting the program, but it turned out to be one of the highest rated "SNL" episodes of all time.

Farfour led a quite personal life, although rumors of alcohol, drug and spousal abuse run rampant. He voluntarily entered the Betty Ford Center for Drug Treatment And Alcohol Rehabilitation in 1993, but left the center only three days later vowing never to return.

And now...he's dead.

Says Schliebovitz, "he knew how to entertain, he was one of a kind. He just couldn't get over his hatred for Jews. He could've been a superstar, you know, another Barney or a Tinky Winky, but his appetite for anti-Semitism couldn't be toned down."

Funeral services, if any, have not been announced.


Nooooo! Say it it isn't so. Not the mouse that only Hitler could love and was rumored to have done so at least three times. This is sure to set off a wave of Hamascide bombers. But the real lesson should be look Hamas kiddies, 'f' with Israel and you will get the shiite kicked out of you.
Gee... that's too bad; he was such a great example of humanity and caring for the children of the world.

I wonder if I can hire him for my own tv show called "how to ruin a society".
Molson - yeah - wtf is with these people, huh? And the Libs and Liberal Media that make excuses for them. Can you imagine Christians or Jews NOT being raked over the coals if they encouraged behavior like this?

I'm an Independent "small L" libertarian who does lean Conservative, and the Libs push me further to the Right every fucking day.

Glad to hear from you, as always.

Hike safely!
Bug, maybe he's available for children's birthday parties and such?

A giant mousetrap would do the trick! LOL.

Thanks for visiting and commenting. Take care, be well.
Yuppers... thanks for the comments regarding the 911 video and the $20 bill. I re-commented to your comments. (?)

Ellie already went through her "live action, gotta-run-thru-the-yard" state. Sheeeeesh
Ellie is so adorable. What a cute little face she has!

Hey you're welcome on the 911 video and the $20 bill. The $20 bill one is really bizarre. I wonder what the real deal is on that? Any sites out there that counter what that site says? I'm gonna search for a while and see what I can find.
Well... we came across a new one yesterday and it folded out just like the pictures show (at least for the twin towers... I didn't do all of the folds).

It's probably a coinsidence. uh, hum.
I did the folds with a $5, $10 and $20. It is weird and more than oddly coincidental.

It's been tooooooo long since I've held a $50 or a $100 (heh) so I couldn't do those tests.
"Who's the leader of the club dedicated to the re-conquest of Galilee? M.A.R.T.Y.R. - MOUSE!"
"Eh tu, Farfour?"

"He was killed "by the killers of children," said the 11 year old girl who introduced Farfour - per the article.
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