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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ed Schultz Attacks Air America

As I wrote HERE, it seems that Liberal Radio Talker Ed Schultz has scrubbed (i.e. removed) his MP3 file of his February 13, 2007, rant against Air America from his web site. The podcast of his rant was, for months, available to listen to, but now it's gone.

So click on the
on the bottom left of the screen and watch the movie, "Ed Schultz Attacks Air America".

This short film is also playing and appearing HERE.



Wondered why you went to so much trouble about Air America, then saw your list of commentators (below) are the farthest right wingnuts, so I guess we know now you are another 700 pound redneck hick right wing fruitbat.
Hi David,

Thanks for the movie. Very funny.

Hi Greg. Thanks for the name-calling, sure shows what crypto-lib crybabies like you are all about!

Your blog site is fascinating, dude! Awesome! Reflective of the your intellectual design and environmental and personal success. Kudos, friend, kudos!

Thanks for commenting and letting us know how much of an idiot your are!
Hi Tammy, thanks for the kind words and visiting my blog. Much appreciated!
David, this is your least subjective video that you've made. I'm a Liberal, one of the more objective ones & you know that.I"m an infrequent commenter.

You took Ed's own audio and put it out there. gregrocker has no legs to stand on with his comments & complaints. If he has a bitch, its with Ed's own criticism of AA.
Hey a Lib - appreiate your comments. Yep - all little old me did was use Ed's own words. Almost zero subjectivity or personal opinion from me other than "would you want to work with" malloy, rhodes, franken and "franken not a nice guy".

Glad you're still stopping by. You;re one of the "reasonable" libs out there. (insert smile)
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