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Friday, June 01, 2007

Cluck "Tick Boy" Schumer
Making The Rounds

Amazing...New York U.S. Senator and DemocRAT Cluck Schumer, who didn't vote on the War Funding bill last week because he said he was being treated for Lyme Disease, of which he said, "he hasn't noticed any symptoms", is once again on the move for far more important issues than voting on something as mundane as funding the Military.

What's Clucky up to that's so important?

Well, on Wednesday he managed to pull himself off his "deathbed" of Lyme Disease in order to visit a plastic foam maker whose company had been flooded. Yeah, that is so much more important than voting on Military Funding, isn't it, Cluck?

And he bravely battled any ill effects that he wasn't feeling and visited Watertown, New York to discuss doctor shortages on Thursday, May 31.

He apparently was feeling well enough, appearing before the press, to announce new legislation affecting the above doctor shortages.

And, the formerly "bed-ridden, tick-bitten-being treated for Lyme Disease" Cluck will be "criss-crossing [the state of New York]" next Tuesday to push for Veterans Health Care.

Wow - he's healthy enough to "criss-cross" the entire state of New York? Geez, I better check my calendar and make sure it's not Easter Sunday, for not since Jesus rose from the dead has someone made such a speedy recovery than Tick Boy Cluck.

Schumer, without a doubt, intentionally missed the vote on Funding The War so he had an "out"; so he didn't have to be responsible; so he could continue using Iraq as a political issue.

Why, it's amazing how he was at death's door, using Lyme Disease as an excuse for his absence from voting on the all important War Funding bill, but now manages to visit a foam manufacturer.

He certainly seems to have recovered quickly. You don't suppose it has anything to do with the fact that the War Funding bill - for the time being - is resolved, do you?

"Oy vey," declares Cluck, "I'm feeling so much better now that the War Funding Bill is done and I'm not accountable! Could I interest you in a good, kosher piece of foam?"



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