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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Bumpy And Satanic Week Ahead?

This Thursday, June 21, marks the official start of summer. I know this is true and irrefutable because my Day-Minder Calendar says so, and it could never be wrong. This would also be what many refer to as
the solstice.

You may or may not have heard of Stew Webb. I've run across his name in the past while reading up on the latest conspiracy stories over the years. But there is no Wikipedia page or Answers.com page devoted to telling us much about who is Stew Webb. I also searched his name using "Stewart" and "Stewert". He does have a Website.

According to a link within Mr. Webb's site, this is a special time of the year:

    "June 21 and December 22 each year, Satanist, perform Human Sacrifices as part of their Satanic rituals. These are known as the "Summer and Winter Solstice".

    During these rituals an Human Infant is killed and sacrificed to Satan (Baphemet-the Goat Headed Demon), and the Satanist drink the blood of the Infant Human they sacrifice, and Baphemet appears before them and goes out to kill the enemies of those satanist who perform this Human Sacrifice."

Yes, the link to the above pertains to 2002, but he also writes on the link that George W. Bush - uh huh, the President - travels to Sedalia, Colorado's Kimball Castle to "[kill a human infant] sacrificed to Satan (Baphemet-the Goat Headed Demon), and the Satanist drink the blood of the Infant Human they sacrifice, and Baphemet appears before them and goes out to kill the enemies of those satanist who perform this Human Sacrifice."

Hank Kimball, who, as far as I can tell, is not connected to Kimball Castle.

Webb also writes that he is, "Nationally know Federal Whistleblower."

Other allegations made by Mr. Webb include:

    "EX-PRESIDENT GEORGE H.W. BUSH ORDERED THE MURDER OF ROSS PEROT During the 1992 Presidential Election."

    Or could it be the 150 mgs of prozad [sic] he takes daily?

Mmmmmmm - prozad...goes well with the Jolly Olly Orange Kool-Aid, I bet!

Now, I like a good conspiracy as much as the next person. For instance, Webb writes the following about Hillary Clinton:

    Hillary Lesbian Rodenhurst Clinton a.k.a 3rd Degree Witch has Incurable Herpies [sic]. Rumor has it Lesbian Rodenhurst was caught in [sic] bathroom stall with Carolina Panther cheerleaders. George W. Bush has Lethal Gonorrhea contracted from Jeff Gannon. Both Clinton and Bush considered major Biological Health Terrorists. Rumor has it Matt Dreck aka Matt Drudge operates as their pimp.

Now, this is just balderdash, except the parts about Hillary, all of which must be true.

Some of this or all of this or none of what Webb writes has something to do with Bush being a Skull and Bones member. John Kerry is a S&B member too, but he must be one of the good ones since Webb doesn't mention him - not that I could find.

You don't suppose Stew Webb is the brother of kiddie-p0rn writer cum Virginia Senator Jim Webb, do you?

Webb (Stew, not Jim) has organized all the Bush Crime Family (is this where Malloy gets his shtick?) operations into an easy- to-read flow chart. The only names missing from the chart are Rush Limbaugh and Muddy Mudskipper, so we know damn well this conspiracy is true!

At this page of Webb's site he writes the following about Bush and contrails:

    George W. Bush signed an executive order allowing NATO aircraft to fly over the United States of America. Every day these aircraft are spraying viruses, chemicals, antibodies, Aluminum, Barium Oxide, Nichol, known dried blood samples, and various other unknown disease causing chemicals upon the American people. This further is being done under U.S. Air Force "Operation Cloverleaf". Just look into the skies, contrails dissipate in a few minutes after hitting moisture. Chemtrails are left for hours and come down to the ground, poisoning our soil and American's health. Chemtrails spread as clouds. This is intentional and knowingly, causing death, and diseases, upon Americans.

A very scary and nefarious conspiracy, yes? And so Bush-(Karl) Rovian...why, only they could do something such like this to the American people. But...but...Dana Davis, writing about contrails in The Asheville North Carolina Tribune notes:

    The Tribune has conducted extensive research in trying to attain hard evidence leading to any information that could substantiate claims and theories related to chemical trails being laid in the wake of military planes in the guise of condensation trails.

    Parties on both sides of the fence are entrenched that their view is the correct one in this controversial debate. Chemtrail believers consist mainly of the “average Joe” and amateur sky watchers, while those who refute chemtrails, arguing that the cirrus formations are harmless contrails, consist primarily of physicists, NASA researchers, and other such scientists.


    In Executive Order 13128, Clinton stated that disclosure of such military information would not be permitted if it were "contrary to national security or law enforcement needs."

(GASP) - so Bubba is in on the contrail thingy too? How diabolical! Boy, we really are a bunch of sheeple, aren't we?

Oh...and did I mention Webb says, among other things that Hillary Clinton is an Israel [sic] Mossad Agent? Well, now you know.

And some of you wonder from where the Kook Left Fringe gets their absurd information that they repeat as gospel?

As soon as anyone can prove this stuff, even about the Clintons, I'll be on your side and at your side. Until then...

... wait, if it's on the Internets, then it must be true...right?

I guess we should all be alert and keenly aware of where the President is and what he is doing this coming Thursday and Friday, right? Human sacrifice, anyone?


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