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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Democrat Flowchart To Victory In '08


According to the Dems, there is no global war on terror. After all, the Dems know best because they CAIR. The sad reality is if the Dems take back America in 08 (Chavez style of course) there really will be no global war on terror, only global victims of terror. Look at the record of Big Fat Buttery Bill for proof.

I am certain the Dems will be a little hot under the collar now that you have exposed their super-secret plans to rule America. This has vast right wing conspiracy all over it. Take care Dave and have a happy and safe Independence Day.
That's so crazy... it might even work!!
Molson - exactly. There is no terror or terrorism according to Dems. And of course, "it's America's fault" all the time. One has to be mentally deranged to be a full fledged Lib.

Hey, you too have a safe 4th of July holiday!
Bug - the chart came directly from Howard Dean's super duper secret plans, so it must be true!
Blame Nixon Again. No shit! Frikkin hilarious flowchart dude!
David, that is too funny...
Thanks EC - glad you like.
Thanks Butch! Also glad you like!

Butch - EC, you too - have a great Fourth of July holiday!
Great chart David. It must have taken you a while to do this one.
Thanks Bryan... a few rum and diet cokes and many bong hits later....JOKE, that's just a joke.
David, you fell into our trap. Those plans were simply to throw you off of our REAL strategy. We left that one lying around in the DNC lobby so you could easily find it.

I'm glad you posted this humorous diagram though, because it compels me to put together one of my own.
Whosplayin' - I never "said" I got my info from the DNC lobby....hmmmmmm.....

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
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