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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Minneapolis Panhandlers Reaching
"Epidemic" Proportions

Because stories at the web site of the Minneapolis Socialist Tribune are "free subscription", I can't link directly to the story. Doing a search via Google with the words: 'minneapolis panhandling' and click on the link to the Minneapolis Star Tribune story titled "Minneapolis wants to get tougher with panhandlers". The story is written by Terry Collins.

Panhandling is nothing new in Minneapolis, its been a problem for a long time. So long, in fact, that panhandlers in Minneapolis - like many other cities - are now a new breed of "abusive panhandlers", meaning that if you don't fork over a dollar or two, you can almost be assured of a verbal assault and possibly a physical assault.

The Minneapolis panhandling problem has been brought up several times over several years at Minneapolis City Council Meetings. The reaction of the council members has basically been, "ho-hum; yawn."

Panhandling went unaddressed by the council and mayor. That is, until recently, when some Liberal politicians - all from Minneapolis - experienced panhandling first-hand.

From the Star Tribune story:

    Three diners were sitting outside in downtown Minneapolis recently when a man walked up and asked for a dollar.

    The three, Minneapolis Council Members Sandy Roy and Ralph Remington and state Senator Linda Higgins, politely declined.

    The panhandler turned to Remington and went into a profanity-laced tirade.

What a riot, what hoot! It's funny when problems that Liberals ignore and turn a blind eye to end up staring them right in the face! The "great unwashed" Minneapolis citizens and visitors alike have complained about panhandling for years. The Minneapolis City Council did virtually nothing to deal with the problem.

But now - since panhandling affected three premiere Minneapolis Liberals - why...it's a big problem, one might even say it's reached "epidemic proportions" (cue ominous music).

Higgins, Remington, Roy: Three Minneapolis Liberals fighting panhandling, one panhandler at a time!

Where is the compassion for the panhandler from these three Liberals? By not contributing to the panhandler, they demonstrate their lack of compassion. Besides, Liberals are notoriously cheap with their own money. I have no doubt that had the same situation happened to three conservatives, the panhandler would have walked away with a couple of dollars.

The city council is considering a whole slate of brand new laws to deal with the miscreant panhandlers who dare ask members of the city council and a state senator for a dollar. Among them:

    ... banning verbal solicitation for money within 10 feet of a crosswalk, convenience store and liquor stores or within 50 feet of entrances to a park or sporting arena.

    It also wants to prohibit panhandling in groups of two or more people and at night.

What a bunch of hardliners! We can only imagine that if Conservatives proposed these remedies the outcries of Liberal rhetoric, something along the line of, "there go those cold-hearted Conservatives again, 'dividing America' into two classes, the rich and the poor."

Minneapolis Libs used to tell themselves that panhandling isn't that much of a problem and those that complained about being affected by it were just a bunch of whiners. Oh - but that misperception all changed when the problem directly affected three Minneapolis Liberals, didn't it. My... how strange, how odd - rather a coincidental enigma, isn't it?

This is rich. Creamy, chocolaty, nougaty rich!

How to deal with the panhandling "epidemic"? Follow the advice of Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak:

    Rybak advises those intimidated by panhandlers to call 911. "We want you to do that," he said, "I do it all the time."

R.T. Rybak, Mayor of Liberalapolis

Ryabak - the man is a joke. The most sissified meterosexual on the planet, afraid to take a firm stand on anything, promoting and putting cultural Kum Ba Yah collectivism ahead of fighting crime, including people being shot and killed in the streets, while he's busy pretending and wanting to be more politically important and significant a figure than his mayorial duties require of him. "911, this is R.T., I think I see a ghost in my yard and I'm scared. Send over a couple dozen squad cars right away." Someone buy this man a dress so he can wear the appropriate clothing.

I've been hit on by panhandlers. At times I've given them the spare change that I had and at other times I didn't, my decision was based on where I was going and in how much of a hurry I was in. Some panhandlers are fakes, doing their panhandling as a way of life and some earn a pretty good, tax-free living off it.

The city of Minneapolis is a textbook example of a city ruined by its Liberalism. Like any other Liberal city, its leaders never bother to think that liberalism could possibly be part of the problem.

But when that problem is experienced first-hand by a council member or state politician, "by god, then we have a problem!"

Minneapolis suddenly recognizes its problem with panhandlers. It's an epidemic I tell you, an epidemic!

Welcome to your real world Sandy, Ralph, Linda. All is well in Minneapolis, isn't it?


Sites other than the Star Tribune carrying this story:
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I'm glad someone's remembering these people because most people don't. What a fascinating blog you've put together. You've a unique viewpoint as well ... I was just randomly passing "next"pressing and thought I'd say hi. I'm at
if you want to come by. You're most welcome.
All the best
Gledwood "Vol 2" ...
Thank you for the kind words.

You found me via the "Next" button - I do the same thing in search of new blogs. It's amazing what's out there.

I try to be interesting and topical; hopefully my humor comes through when intended. And I think I'm fair when holding all politicians, regardless of their slant, to the same standard.

I will check out your blog. Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment.
Now I read the Star Tribune article when it was published, but have you noticed that it has mysteriously disappeared from the Star Tribune's web site and Terry Collin's resume'.
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