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Friday, May 25, 2007

John Edwards "Not Comfortable
Around ' Those' People."

Bob Shrum is the The Wizard of Oz for the Democrat Party. He's run campaigns for many a Democrat politician, including "Junior" Gore and John Kerry.

Shrum says Democrat Presidential Candidate John Edwards didn't care for gay people: Washington Blade

    Perennial Democratic strategist Bob Shrum drops a bombshell in his new book, according to a report in today’s Washington Post.

    In the book, he says he asked former Sen. John Edwards at the outset of his 1998 Senate campaign, “What is your position, Mr. Edwards, on gay rights?”

    “I’m not comfortable around those people,” was Edwards’ reply, according to Shrum.

He'll receive his Free Pass from criticism and barbs from the Lefty Politicians and Media because he's a Dem.

Had history shown us, oh - I don't know - say, Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain - uttering what Edwards said, I'm sure cocktail wiener Keith Olbermann would have had something lengthy, flowery and self-righteous to say about it - something written by someone other than Olbermann, no doubt.

But we'll hear no criticism of what Edwards said about "Those People" from Liberal Talk Radio, AirHead America or Rosie O'Moo.

No mention of his homophobia at GLAAD's Main Page or their 'stories to watch' page. Why so quiet, GLAAD? I wonder if a you'd treat his remarks differently if they'd been spoken by a Republican or Conservative.

Again we have Left Wing Hypocrisy redefining itself again, with Edwards getting a Free Pass for his comments.


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Edwards is not comfortable around 'those' people probably because he's afraid he might be tempted to switch teams. Who knows maybe it's additional inspiration for his free pass. Come on Johnny Boy. Come out of the closet. Your lefty pals won't love you any less. Maybe you'll even be able to get a discount from your hair stylist and I'm not talking the senior discount either.
your "come out of the closet" reminds me of the South Park - Tom Cruise episode, only instead of Cruise it's John Edwards who's locked himself into a closet.

BWA---! lmao
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