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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dems Continue Showcasing Their Hate

Identical Liberal Talking Points are out to all the Crazed, Vile, Hate-mongering Liberals on the death of Reverend Jerry Falwell. We know this because the same phrases about Falwell are turning up in all the usual sectors of the Lunatic Left Wing Fringe, also known as "The Haters":

"Falwell was a reprehensible man..."

"An evil, evil man..."

"Falwell endorsed bad politics and politicians..."

"The damage he did..."

Listen to anyone on Liberal Radio or visit any Liberal blog or site and the above Talking Points for The Haters, and you'll hear and read the above phrases being repeated.

Imagine if the Left could manifest their lava hot hatred, directing it at real enemies like terrorists and supporters of terrorism. Instead, their hatred is directed at people like Reverend Jerry Falwell and anyone who harbors any degree of religious beliefs. Except Islam - no, the Left exempts Islam from their criticism. I guess the Libs like life with their head attached to their body, not separated from it, so Islam - like Liberal hypocrisy - gets a Free Pass.

The biggest Hate-mongering Laughing Stocks within The Haters crowd are those who have professed their lifetime allegiance of being atheist. They've spent their lives posturing themselves firmly denying all belief in any type of afterlife. Yet these are the people who contradict their atheism and permit their hatred to suddenly acknowledge an afterlife by saying and writing that they hope Falwell is in hell. Do the words "shallow" and "fraudulent" mean anything to these people? They've just reversed what they've spent their lives believing - atheism - based on nothing more than hatred. Transparent as a freshly squeegeed window.

The Haters, acknowledging an afterlife for nothing more than displaying their hatred of Falwell, couldn't be more laughable. The Haters are a joke, not smart enough to realize their sudden display of revisionism of their own beliefs based on nothing more than their hatred of another person. These are just the type of people you want teaching and educating your kids, isn't it? I mean, the educational system and public schools are filled with Liberal Haters. And your children are in their hands. Makes you feel good, doesn't it?

What real evil did Falwell commit? Can any of you Libs tell me what he did that was so evil? Did he kill somebody? Did he say he didn't have sexual relations with someone when he had? Did he drive a car over a bridge, landing in a body of water leaving a woman to die by drowning? Did he have $100,000 in his freezer? Did he steal something from someone? Did he molest children?

What did Falwell do to cause such an outcry of unmitigated hatred from The Haters? Well, he didn't embrace Liberalism, (GASP!) - that's such a crime, isn't it?

What did Falwell say that is so horrible? That he didn't agree with a gay lifestyle or that sex outside of marriage is bad? Is he the only person who's said that? Is he not entitled under Free Speech to say and think these things?

He's not the only religious or spiritual person who has openly said homosexuality is wrong and/or a sin.

Would the death of the Dalai Lama be treated with such vitriol by the Left? Because the Dalai Lama said in April, 2006, that he disagrees with gay lifestyle.

    "The Dalai Lama also repeated his opposition to homosexuality..."

Did Falwell's words hurt you, Liberals? Oh, dat's so sad! Were you offended by some of his comments? Gee, what a shame. Have you Liberal Haters stopped long enough - just a moment - listening to what you're saying about Falwell? You're just as much a Hater, if not greater, than the target of your hate.

Are you angry at Falwell for motivating a voter base for Conservatives and their beliefs? Why - no one on the Left has ever done anything to motivate the Far Left voter base, have they? Hypocrites.

If Falwell had been slightly Left of Center or Far Left of Center, Libs would be mourning his death as a great Liberal Icon instead of rejoicing in it.

Falwell apologized for his statements that were rather wild and absurd, but he had the Right Of Free Speech to say what he said. But the Left never accepts any apology offered by anyone except those from their own klan. Besides, no one really took his absurd statements as serious commentary anyway. You mean you hardy Libs out there couldn't laugh off his Tinky-Winky remarks but you unmistakably know when John Kerry makes a joke? You really are that stupid, aren't you, Haters?

It's the Left that specializes in dehumanizing anyone who doesn't fully support their Socialist Agenda. It's the Left that specializes in Hatred and Odious Animosity. It's the Left who despises anyone who doesn't think exactly the same that they do. This is all it's about, nothing more. The Left cannot pretend to be anything other than it is. They are Haters, rank, vile, boundless and limitless Haters. Oh, they'll tell you that they are a tolerant, compassionate, caring group of people, but their actions and words betray them every time. Every. Single. Time.

This is how The Left treats their political opponents, with proud, prominent, self-gratifying displays of unbound hatred. And none of this surprises or shocks those of us who know that this is all The Left is about. This is all they stand for, this is all they can create and assemble; a Culture of Hate. Wild animals don't harbor as much rapacious behavior as do The Haters.



So tell me then, what does Allah say about homosexuality?
heh - great point. I'm Allah is against it, but the Libs will never criticize it. Like I wrote, they like it better when their heads are attached to their body.

Thanks ARC.
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