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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Cluck Schumer Grandstands Once Again

Never at a loss for words as long as a microphone and camera are poised in front of his beak nose, Cluck Schumer recently orated (pompous being the key word) another wing-flapping moment meant only to divide - not unite - America, voters and the general public.

The Cluckster said last Friday: NY1

    “The president doesn't want to debate – he doesn't debate the facts, he doesn't debate the issues, h doesn't say why we do or don't need a change in course. He simply calls people names, ‘you're not supporting the troops.’”

If you didn't know it was Cluck, one of the most vile Democrats ever to hold office, one could easily attribute the above statement to a Republican.

Click HERE and visit Cluck Schumer.



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