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Thursday, April 19, 2007

What's Up, Dan Sutton?

I've been meaning to do a follow up for quite some time and am just now getting to it with the matter of South Dakota State Senator Uncle Pervy Dan Sutton, (ahem) Democrat. Uncle Pervy Senator Sutton, you may recall, was charged with molesting a teen boy.

What's happened since then? On February 13, 2007, a conversation was taped by an agent with the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation between Sutton and the victim, Austin Wiese. Wiese says Sutton repeatedly molested him during the course of two nights at a Holiday Inn Express in Fort Pierre.

Of course, Uncle Pervy at first denied doing anything wrong. (Bolding mine), (same article), The Argus Leader:

    In the first 12 minutes of the conversation, Sutton was upbeat, talking to Wiese about legislative matters and personal issues. Then, Wiese changed the subject and said he called to talk about what happened "last week."

    Sutton responded, "When, when what, you moved out?"

    Wiese said: "Yeah, but why I moved out and I don't know what I should do. Tell the truth or if I should tell someone or who I should tell. You know what I'm talking about?"

    Sutton replied: "No, I don't."


    At the end of the conversation, Sutton said he would be willing to see a Catholic priest to see how the situation should be handled, but he also said he would swear on a Bible that he did nothing wrong. At one point, Sutton said, "Well I, I walk in my sleep. I, I move around. I mean Austin, I will do whatever I can. I am, I am sorry and if I. ... Heck, obviously I, obviously I, if you remember, obviously I did it."

On January 31, 2007, the South Dakota Senate voted to censure one of its members. On a vote of 32-2, the full Senate condemned Democratic Sen. Dan Sutton for allegations of sexual misconduct with a teenage page.

Or, As This Blogger Put it: "Democrats OK Pedophile’s Behavior".

I wonder if Stephanie Miller and her lobotomized crew will make fun of South Dakota's Uncle Pervy Senator Sutton? Oh, I doubt it, he's a Card Carrying Democrat...he receives an exemption.

Uncle Pervy Sen. Dan Sutton (left) With Male Child He is Mentoring...yeah, "mentoring", that's it...



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