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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

There Isn't Always An Answer

It's natural to want answers to questions of why something like a Virginia Tech happens.

Clearly - and what we know to date - is that Cho Seung-Hui committed the horrific acts of violence at VT and he acted alone.

It's natural to want answers to questions of "what went wrong" when something like this happens. Unfortunately, I don't think there is one, single thing or answer that "makes" a person into a cold-blooded, methodical killer with premeditated intent.

With Virginia Tech, like Columbine and other random, senseless shootings, we're unlikely to ever pinpoint exactly why these tragedies happen or be able to pinpoint who will commit them or what triggers the syndrome. Science and medicine has some ideas and theories, but no consensus on predicting who will wind up being an offender.

What made Cho Seung-Hui do what he did? Was it something inherent his nature - an organic brain chemical imbalance - or did something in his environment provoke his behavior? Too much parenting or too little parenting? Discipline - some, none, too much? Too much and too many prescription drugs for depression or not enough? Was he genuinely envious and jealous of "rich society" enough to convince him that his response would be embarking on a killing spree? Did he have a history of viewing and playing violent video games, violent films, other forms of violent media? Did "society" fail him, as Bleeding Hearts so often posit?

Maybe it was Liberalism that failed Cho Seung-Hui. Maybe Liberalism didn't recognize a ticking time bomb. Maybe Liberalism chose to not want to "profile" Cho Seung-Hui, and I'm not implying or saying "profile" for reasons of ethnicity, but for reasons of what many are reporting his odd social behavior and loner status. It's reported his creative writing was extremely violent and was noted as such by the teacher.

We've heard the terms "odd behavior" and "loner" before within the scenario of a school shooting on a grand scale, most recently April 20, 1999 at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. As the investigation into Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris unfolded, we found out there were plenty of red flags surrounding them, not unlike the red flags surrounding Cho Seung-Hui.

Red flags were going up all around Cho Seung-Hui. Does Liberalism permit labelling someone as being identified of not possessing what is considered practical and elemental social skills and social behavior - and potentially dangerous - if the person manifests just such anti-social behavior? If not, maybe Liberalism needs to re-examine itself and change this particular belief. After all, if it saves just one life it will be worth it.Whose decision is it to take appropriate action? Whom would Liberals like to designate to be the person making the determining and official psychological call of displaying behavior that is not recognized as acceptable?

People recognized that something was "wrong" with Cho Seung-Hui, that his behavior was not within "the norm" that a majority of us consider acceptable social behavior. Some of these people voiced their concerns about Seung-Hui's behavior. Did Liberalism and Political Correctness cause these concerns to not be heard or forwarded as a warning signal to others who may have been able to prevent what happened?

The victims and their families need as much help, prayers and thoughts as we can give them. So too do the parents and family of Cho Seung-Hui need our sympathy and prayers. They may indeed be experiencing feelings that they should have recognized something was terribly wrong and that they should have intervened. No family member or friend wants to spend the rest of their lives asking themselves what could they have done to stop someone they know from committing such a heinous act.

We'll probably never know exactly what triggered Cho Seung-Hui. We may have some clues from what is said to be his writings and plans.
Sadly, violence in all its forms will never be permanently eliminated. At best we can work to minimize the occurrences of a V-Tech and some day find common political ground at how and when we treat and intervene in those who demonstrate the type of behavioral patterns of a Cho Seung-Hui, Dylan Klebold or an Eric Harris.


Linking Here:
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i have heard an awful lot of liberal talking heads on the radio today complaining about the fact that nobody did anything about all the red flags. my theory is that either these liberals will realize the end result of what they are bitching for now and reverse their course or they are about to become living proof that a liberal is a conservative waiting to be pissed off just enough.

as you know, i consider most liberals to be phony posers anyway. i think this happened because real liberals get laid more often and these posers are just cashing in on my action.
just wrapped up on our other comment exchange on the other post below.

"my theory is that either these liberals will realize the end result of what they are bitching for now and reverse their course or they are about to become living proof that a liberal is a conservative waiting to be pissed off just enough."

I agree wholeheartedly. A good size of the ball is in their court. We will see what they do with it - other than blaming the whole thing on guns.

Great exchange with you Rev, as always.
thanks to you too. frankly, as a moderate leaning to liberal, in this country, i frequntly feel that the liberal views i possess are amongst a tiny fraction of a percentage,and i truly feel that most americans that do not know me or the few who are like me have no clue what a liberal is, and the people they think are liberals could not be further from one if they tried. you rarely hear from my kind, rarely. let's just say i am an abe lincoln kind of liberal and he was a republican.

same can be said for today's conservatives. the word itself is derived from the word CONSERVE, and do not see many conservatives conserving. in fact if you dig barry goldwater up (and i respected him much) he would puke on most modern conservatives.

i gotta go sport and see if anyopne dared comment at my site yet, then get my fanny back to the typewriter.

duck for cover if you hear loud noises my friend.
Who are you, do I know you?

(insert laugh track)

The extreme Left (the DKos, ThinkRegressive etc) crowd really does drown out the more middle, moderate, and libertarian voices like yours, Rev.

Me...I write this stuff and the bag of cash from Karl shows up on the porch like clockwork every Friday afternoon.

We all may need to duck and cover until the Nov. 08 election is over. I can't take much more campaign trail news.
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