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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sharia Law In The U.S.

Layla Gonzalez who blogs at, and is the proprietor of, The Hill Chronicles - and a fine site it is, I link to it - recently started a new site, the Dhimmitude News Network, or DNN.

I was flattered when Layla recently asked me if I would be a contributing writer to DNN and I accepted.

My first post at DNN is up and is titled, "Sharia Law In The U.S.":

    I’m waiting for a Democrat or Liberal - politician, pundit or celebrity - to suggest that the U.S. give living under Sharia Law a try. It has to be nothing more than a matter of time for this to happen, perhaps in some place like San Francisco?

    As with almost any type of group, faction or subset, it is a small percentage of radical Islamists that gives the entire religion bad press despite the criticism being warranted and justified because of the horrendous and violent acts committed by radical extremists. However; no other militant subset of any group is so excused by serial apologists as is militant Islam.

CLICK HERE To Read the Rest.

And visit The Hill Chronicles and DNN. Say hello to Layla and the other contributing writers. They are a fine group of individuals and I am proud to be a part of DNN.

(Thanks again, Layla.)

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