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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Who Died When Clinton Lied?

This Short Film also playing and appearing

yes yes - I missed edited out a double on the word "was" at the beginning regarding Wesley Clark.

It's the imperfection that makes it such a wonderful film.....;-)

Sorry about that.
Not to worry David! I think it was great-because it is the TRUTH!

Keep up the great work my friend!

I truly am enjoying all your "PRODUCTIONS"!!!
Thanks Layla...I have been under the influence of one of the worst head colds I've ever had...so I can blame it on that. Usually...USUALLY...I'm pretty good at catching my typos but I've often admitted I am my own worst proofreader!

Thanks for your kind words, glad you like the short films!
You know David, if we had universal healthcare you would suffer with things like head colds. The Great Nanny State would cure you. Just thought I 'd try to inspire one of your short films :-D

Hope you feel better soon. I was just over at You Tube where I watched a bunch of your films. Keep it up. Come to think of it, are you sure your cold isn't some liberal genetically engineered organism to keep you silent? Hmmmm.
Hey Dane! Thanks for your kind words. Glad you like the short videos.

You're right...I should probably go to Cuba, the UK or Canada and receive their fantastic nationalized health care!

A genetically engineered organism to silence me?!?! Uh - oh ... no you got me thinking! YIKES! On second thought, you and I will probably agree that my cold is due to the results of....
...Global Warming.

Take care, thanks for visiting and commenting!
"When Clinton lied, no one died?" Bzzzzt, wrong! Another debunking is here.
hey 1389 - just left a comment at your blog. you must not have watched the short video. I am saying that many people died due to Clinton.

I also have a post somewhere in the archives where I wrote about it which is what I originally thought you were commenting on, not this one the video.

I think you and I are on the same side of this argument that Clinton is responsible for MANY MANY deaths. Is it possible you didn;t watch the vid? that's okay if you didn't - but I am not at all saying what you're comments alleges.

Take care. I noitced you link to the gorgeous Lady Vorzheva and so do I. Anyone who links to her can't be bad.
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