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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Great Democrat Dog and Pony Shows

Lift the Red Curtain, hit the klieg and spot lights and cue the orchestra! The latest Dog and Pony Show is under way, courtesy of showboating and grandstanding Democrats!

The First Dog and Pony Show the Democrats gave the nation was all the things they supposedly accomplished in their "first 100 hours". Can anyone name the issues the Dems "fixed" during their first 100 hours? How's that Minimum Wage hike coming along? Stalled and moribund, isn't it? Anything else of faux significance rolled out in their first 100 hours? No, but it was a good Dog and Pony Show for the newly elected slim majority of Democrats.

Then came the Second Dog and Pony Show, that of pulling U.S. Troops out of Iraq immediately. Immediately! Why, the newly elected slim majority of Democrats were ready to Cut and Run, and then Slow Bleed our Troops, in order to live up to the expectations of the Insane Liberal Clown Posse that put them in office in the November 2006 election. Then the Dems realized - actually they knew all along but used the issue for their own political gain - that Cut and Run is not a realistic solution. Various current analyses of Iraq show that Cut and Run would result in a massive civil war that would make the civil wars of Rwanda or Darfur look like a day at the county fair. In this instance we have the Dems majorly disappointing their Hardcore Far Left Base who demanded and insisted on immediate withdraw from Iraq.

The Third Dog and Pony Show was the ensuing hilarity of the Valerie Plame case. Ignoring some basic facts, such as former CIA official Fred Rustmann - Valerie Plame's boss - who said (bolding mine):

    Plame was never a so-called deep-cover NOC (Non-Official Cover), he said, meaning the agency did not create a complex cover story about her education, background, job, personal life and even hobbies and habits that would stand up to intense scrutiny by foreign governments. "[NOCs] are on corporate rolls, and if anybody calls the corporation, the secretary says, 'Yeah, he works for us,'" says Rustmann. "The degree of backstopping to a NOC's cover is a very good indication of how deep that cover really is." (1)

Never mind that Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald said:

    "...we have not made any allegation that Mr. Libby knowingly, intentionally outed a covert agent. We have not charged that. And so I'm not making that assertion." (2)

"We have not charged that..." - huh, apparently the Dems selective hearing opted out of processing those five words. Amazing, isn't it, the bubble of denial these Democrats live in?

Never mind that Victoria Tensig testified that under the CIA's own definition Plame was not covert. Now, just because Plame wanted to play back yard pretend spy, and engage in a delusional belief that she was covert, doesn't make it so. If the agency she worked for didn't consider her covert by their own standards and definitions, then what other definition does anyone need to use or apply? Well, I guess playing pretend spy carries a whole lot of weight with the Liberal mindset. It serves their political purpose and agenda, but little else.

The Fourth Dog and Pony Show the Dems flurried out was the firing of eight U.S. Attorneys. Doing a yeoman job of blatantly ignoring all facts and past history and policies of other presidents, the Democrats conveniently forgot that these U.S. Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the president - any president. Ignoring that two of the eight U.S. Attorneys either were nearing the end of their term or decided to not continue their service, leaving six, the Dems were adamant that they could make an issue over something that is yet another non-issue in their path of shallow rhetoric.

Now we have the Fifth Dog and Pony Show from the Dems feigning outrage over E-mails from the Executive Office related to Dog and Pony Show Number Four. The Dems have Karl Rove, Harriet Miers and other White House staffers in their cross-hairs on yet another non-issue. Ho-hum, yawn, Ho-hum. While any objective observer can see that there's no "there" there, this does not deter myopic Democrats who are intent on generating a manufactured frenzy thereby creating the illusion that they are "doing something".

We are seeing nothing more from the Democrats than their usual, honed, assembly-line tactics of purely partisan speechifying and posturing. This is where there's no "there" there. Calling their motives and objectives a fishing expedition is an understatement. We witness this behavior from the Democrats every time they think they have a bite on their fishing line only to reel in an old soggy boot.

Democrats will continue their Dog and Pony Shows under the false premise of "seeking the truth", "obeying the Rule of Law" and "something that the American people want". By comparison, these same premises were completely ignored, overlooked and disregarded by the Democrats during all the many real scandals, cover-ups and law breaking during the Clinton Administration. What's different about it now? Well, there's a Republican in the White House, not a Democrat. This is all it boils down to, nothing more.

Showboating and Grandstanding is all the Democrats know how to do. Prepare yourselves for an unending series of future Dog and Pony Shows courtesy of the Democrats. They have not, and cannot, deliver what they promised to their voter base last November, so they have no choice but to perform their rank and amateurish version of an elementary school adaptation of "Our Town", if for no other reason than to pull the wool over the eyes of their own voter base giving the false impression that they are "doing something".

John Adams said, "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence."

To which the Democrats always respond, "Facts? What are those?"

1 - Michael Duffy and Timothy J. Burger, "NOC, NOC. Who's There? A Special Kind of Agent," Time Magazine, October 19, 2003 - via Wikipedia footnote #9.

2 - "Transcript of Special Counsel Fitzgerald's Press Conference," Washington Post, October 28, 2005 - via Wikipedia footnote #14.



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