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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Democrat Relationships: Feel The Love!

This Video also Appearing and Showing

i want some of what youre smoking dude. seriously. i want some. now!
EC - believe it or not, other than cigarettes, I'm not smoking anything. This is not for any lack of trying on my part - I am told it is relatively "dry".

I'm just kidding about that.

Not really, if anyone knows of some good ganja in the twin cities, get ahold of me.

Seriously, I'm just kidding.


Uh - no, I'm not.

Okay -
i am.
while this one went a little tooo angry for my tastes, it was an extraordinary example of your ability to really manipulate visuals with sound. frankly that aspect was excellant, absolutely. love that damn song too. you have the ability to direct, and it very obvious. the more you work this, the sharper you will get.

your humor is best when it has got (some) love in it. the more love the funnier. don't worry, i think that is true with most people, and it is why al franken is never funny at all. ever.

this film did show the capacity to go deep and play the heartstrings straight or dry. good job bucko.
Thank you for the kinds words, Rev. I also really love the song - I knew what I wanted to do with it the moment I heard it (again - it had been years since college music class, heh!).

Ummm...I didn't put it together with anger as much as sarcasm and satire, perhaps it *does* come off a bit of angst. That's okay too, I guess.

Take care and thanks for commenting and visiting. Your words mean a lot.
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