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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Democrat PORK! P-O-R-K! Squeal
Little Commiecrat Piggies, Squeal!

Oh those Troop Supporting, Patriotic, America-loving, pro-Military Democrats are at it again. Big surprise in their Pork-laden House Bill - H.R. 1591 - that they passed by a narrow margin on Friday, yes?

These are the Democrats who, up until the November 2006 election, spent all their time criticizing and vilifying the Pork-laden bills passed by Republicans. And in some cases I agree with the Dems - the Repubs did indeed engage in reckless Pork spending. But it was the Dems who primarily campaigned on eliminating Pork for Porks sake. Such altruism we simply and rarely witness from the Dems, right?

Yet the Dems forgot all about their campaign promises, pushing aside their crusade against adding Pork to bills. Oversight...what's that? Where's Cheerleader in Charge of Oversight and Pork Spending, Democrat Henry Waxman the PigMan-MoleMan, on Friday's House bill? Where are you PigMan-MoleMan? How did Waxman, the little PigMan-MoleMan vote on H.R. 1591? Why, the PigMan-MoleMan Voted FOR the PORK!

How did anti-War, Bring-The-Troops-Home-Immediately-Cut and Run Democrat Keith al-Ellison vote on H.R. 1591? Why, the Muslim who campaigned and got elected professing an anti-War-at-all-costs mentality voted FOR funding the troops AND FOR the PORK! Heh -
al-Ellison, who made his Muslim religion a centerpiece of his candidacy voted for pork. Should a Muslim be voting for pork? Tsk-Tsk!

The Dems, their supporters and their voter base are gutless cowards, nothing but gutless cowards. If they weren't such a bunch of - oh, how can I say this...I know, I'll quote Eric Cartman - "blood belching vaginas", they would cut the funding of the troops just like they promised their base they would do. But since now they are desperately holding on to that slim, slim majority they have - why - suddenly it's a different story. My oh my, the times they are a changin'.

How are all you uber-Liberals feeling these days? You were lied to by all the Dems who told you, in no uncertain terms, that if elected they would immediately Cut and Run from Iraq, that they would immediately put an end to Pork and would immediately move to run Congress far better than the Republicans ever had for the past twelve years. None of your so-called Democrat leaders have kept any of the promises they made to you.

Heh - the Dems hypocrisy is so rich and creamy in its chocolaty goodness, full of buttery and velvety nougat...something to be savored with each bite of every delicious morsel! Yum...as Cartman would say, "your tears are so sweet!"

I honestly thought it would take longer than three months for the Dems to begin their self-destruction phase. The Dems infighting, the Nanny Pelosi Camp versus the Steny Hoyer Camp, John Murtha talking out of his butt, Diane Whinestein and Babs Boxer screeching like neglected hens...Who knew it would begin so soon?

I'm loving this new Democrat slim-majority...aren't you?


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