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Monday, February 12, 2007

Nancy Pelosi Travel Situation Resolved!

Come an listen to a story 'bout a Speaker named Nancy
Wanted a jumbo-jet-liner, opulent and fancy;
Said she had to fly cross-country with her entourage non-stop,
Later said she didn't, just another flip flop...

Queen Pelosi...Luxury Travel...San Francisco Values...


heh...I like it.
It's great. "Opulent and fancy."
Kewl! I wrote about her jet plane request - just one you know. Like one of my readers wrote--I'll gee for it if it is a "one way jet plane outa here!"
Nicely done, Dave!
EC - glad you like, thanks!
Shaved Ape: it's only appropriate for the She Wolf of San Fran to have nothing but opulance and fanciness! I'm sure her dog collar and ball gag are ordained with the most expensive blood diamonds from around the world!

Did I just write dog collar and ball gag? Guess i did!

Thanks, Don!
Hi Layla! Thank you! I read your post on Nancy's jet plane. Very good, as is everything you write on!

Stay well, keep in touch! Luv 'ya!
Thank you Jonathan! Glad you like. Keep in touch. Send some warm weather up towards MN, would 'ya? heh!
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