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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fluorescent Lighting: The Dirty Secret

This Video Also Appearing and Playing HERE

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Dane Bramage

aye karumba dude....where do you get your ideas? I LMAO!
David, that is just SICK!

But another 'dirty secret' about florecent lights is they contain mercury vapor.
No breaky!
EC--I dunno...I wanted to do something topical and fluorescent lights came to mind. The rest just wrote itself. Thanks. glad You LYAO!
Steam Dragon - heh, yeah. What can I say. I know, the do have merc vapor...but DID YOU KNOW IT TAKES PUPPY BLOOD TO MAKE THEM?!?!?!?


Thanks for commenting and visiting SD.

YOU TOO EC! Thanks much!
Jesus Palamino, man! Wonder how many puppies Al Gore kills in one day at his home?
David, it appears your meds are no longer working. Step away from the edge Dave.

I was going to link you but since you put the vid on You Tube I just embedded it. Gave you a Hat Tip though.

I hope the new meds take and you become a productive and contributing member of our society.
Denny - thanks for the info. I will check it out and pass it along as well. It sounds great!
Hey Modesto - Gore indeed uses puppy blood to power his home. heh!

Thanks for visiting and commenting, as usual.
THANKS for the plug via your blog. Very much appreciated.

The meds are working...I think....wait...maybe not?!?!?


Thanks for visiting and commenting!

Well done, David.
Thanks Jimmy B.
i am afraid you are becoming a liberal. that said, when your production value comes up (and it will)you will put me out of buisness. absolutely wildly brilliant and truly creative. this film is "the new reefer madness."
"The New Refer Madness" - wow - I dunno about that...I can hope for that. In retrospect, I should've flip flopped the issues and made it be the incandescent lights that are made with puppy blood...oh well....there can always be a sequel, right?
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