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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ed Schultz Has On-Air Meltdown, Or: When Liberals Eat Their Own It's Damn Funny!

If you missed Liberal Radio's Big Fat Dog-Shooting Eddy Schultz this morning you can listen to it RIGHT HERE.

Ed is fit to be tied because another AirHead America Talker, Sham Seder, encouraged his listeners to contact XM Satellite and tell them to carry the Thom Hartmann program instead of Ed's show. Apparently Ed is under the assumption that his deal with XM was cut and dried. The following message is posted at Majority Report Radio, home to Seder:

    February 8, 2007
    You choose

    As most of you know Al Franken is leaving AAR for other pursuits.

    I'll miss Al and think there'd be no AAR without him, but I am psyched to have Thom Hartmann in the AAR lineup. Many of you know I am a big fan of his.

    However, there's a rumor going around that Thom won't be carried by XM on the AAR channel. Instead they'll carry Ed Schultz. If I listened to AAR through XM- I'd be pissed.... let them know how you feel.

Oh, the above message didn't sit well with the Fat Man in North Dakoter.

Ed ripped into AA's business practices, its affiliates, its personalities and its audience and listeners.

Excerpts from his morning cry-baby-rant-a-thon are as follows:

    "Air America [is] rotten business people."[sic]

    "If you listen to Air America, I don't want you listening to me."

    "Mike Malloy is a hate merchant."

    "Air America sucks!"

    "[Air America] undercuts everybody."

    "Air America lies."

    "Air America sucks. They suck. They're mean and nasty."

    "I wish Air America would go away and shut up."

    "[Air America] has never sold an ad."

    "Al Franken leaving is the best thing that ever happened [to Air America]."

    "Air America is robbing people."

    "I'm not going to be nice about Air America anymore."

I'm not making up the above quotes. Again, you can listen for yourself at Ed's Own Site.

Not only did he rip listeners, he ripped people - on the air - who called in to offer their views of this hilarious situation.

While I don't have an MBA, I'll take a wild stab at a basic business principle; that being, insulting your audience and listeners - as well as the stations that carry you - isn't a good thing to do.

There's (at least) Three Golden Rules in Radio: 1) You make sure that the "7 Dirty Words" never get broadcast over the air thereby jeopardizing your FCC license or risking a fine, 2) You DO NOT insult advertisers and sponsors, and 3) You DO NOT insult your listeners and audience. Well Fat Ed, you nailed Numbers 2 and 3...are you going to shoot for violating Number 1 tomorrow?

Schultz is spiraling out of control, falling, falling and falling deeper into a pit from which he'll never recover. You don't suppose he's boozing it up prior to, and during, his show, do you?

I seldom, very very seldom, do predictions, but here's one for you: AA stations are going to stop carrying the Fat Eddy Show soon. Very soon.

It's funny - downright knee-slapping ribald, stop-my gut is hurting funny - when Liberals cannibalize their own.


Schultz opened the show with that temper tantrum, and really let it fester, blaming all of Air America for
Sam Seder's remark, insinuating that he was a long-
time victim of Air America's constant abuse. The only "bad"
thing I've ever heard on AAR about Schults was
about six months ago when ex-Air America host Mike
Malloy said he didn't quite trust Schultz, and implied that
Schultz had perhaps swapped from Repub to Dem
for commercial reasons, give Ed time to prove himself.
That mild mannered reply to a caller took about 30 seconds
to say. In fact, Schultz pondered a run as a Republican
for the U.S. House of Representatives in 1994. Since
then, he claims to have become a Democrat in 2000, even tho he supported some Repubs.

Me? I don't trust Schultz because he has a Republican
mindset, oversimplistic and an overly bifurcated
world view, seemingly incapable of grasping the
nuances and gray areas of any issue. And he is lazy,
seemingly getting his news from Fox, then eventually
over weeks, getting surface-educated by his callers
and "Lefty" guests such as Hillary Clinton. Because
he has only a surface education, he is often helpless
to define the liberal position if a caller challenges him.

For example, yesterday a guest "energy expert" "explained"
net energy to him, Ed was befuddled, and accepted
the vague definition without questions, then today,
in a counter viewpoint, Ed could only play the tape
to ask a question of the new energy expert. Befuddled
Ed wrongly concluded that the matter was debatable.
His mistake? Too lazy to do his homework, prolly
had a football game to watch.

Of course, this is just personal preference, it
is obvious that many people prefer Ed Schult's
"chatty Cathy" manly gossip format to Air America's
often harsh facts and logic. And Ed is the first to admit,
for him, its all about the money, the feelsgoof ratings,
the business end, it's not about the unpleasant Truth.
He is a bussiness man first, all else is in the back seat.
Indeed, most of Schult's rant focused on Air America's
past financial problems as proof that they are all
scumbags. Nice values, huh?
And he has the gall to call Anna Nicole Smith a whore. Like Paris Hilton, he marries only for Love, but can love only millionares.
He doesn't get it.

According to the November 16, 2005 Talkers Magazine
"Top Talk Radio Audiences" list of the top 15 spots in
national talk radio, "four new liberal talkers made it to
the list. Ed Schultz, (sharing 11th place with Bob Brinker)
Al Franken (shared 13th place with Jim Cramer and
Tony Snow) Stephanie Miller and Allen Colmes (shared
14th place with liberal Dr. Dean Edell, Phil Hendrie and
Rusty "Pants" Humphries).

No doubt Big Ed has such a big chip on his shoulder
and feels like such a victim because even though
he is the most popular liberal talk show host,
the Media ignores him, and it's all about Al Franken
and Air America. A quick google of
"Air America" AND "Ed Schultz"
confirms this....not much written about Ed
in those articles. So he's pouting like a snot-nosed crybaby.
He and Bush would be good buddies.

Yet the ungrateful Schults should be happy
that he's flying under the under the radar,
escaping the Right Wing's constant attacks,
for this is the reason why politicians so quickly
agree to be interviewd on his unknown show,
for it does not carry the swiftboating baggage
Air America has been pinned with. His esteemed
guestlist and his softball interviews are the only
reason to listen to his show. That, and his popular
manly gossip.

"Air America's often harsh facts and logic."

Sorry to burst your bubble Doug, but seldom does AA communicate any facts, and yes, I'm saying that applies to everyone on AA. Rhodes, Malloy, Seder, Franken, Schultz, Hartmann, all of them. They all talk out of their butt.

I hope you're independently verifying what you hear on AA, otherwise you are very misinformed.

USUALLY I don't publish lengthy comments, but I made an exception in your case.

Please, by no means take what I wrote above as indicating that ALL Conservative Talk Radio is always right and never wrong. Not by a long shot.

Like Ratty Rhodes says, "verify what you hear." I add to that, no matter where one hears it.

BTW-there's plenty of cry baby Liberals too, since you lump Bush in with Schultz. Here's a few: Gore, Kerry, Ned Lamont, Ted Kennedy, Pelosi, Murtha, Barney Frank, Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson --- oh the list goes on. And the biggest, most insecure cry baby pissant....by a long shot: Mike Malloy.

Thanks for visiting Doug.
no wrong buddy, you lame right wingers have taken over the air waves and it's a monopoly. it's obvious that your cowards and now that the truth is powerful, so therefore you try to avoid it!
Ed Schultz is a good person who exposes liars like Rusty Humphrey, Mike Medved, Dennise Prager, not to mention other losers like Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Miller, how you could support the BUSH crime family is a weird and wrong, there must be some monetary reason because no honest person would.
Try listening to Allen Combs Radio Show, GO RON PAUL! Rudy is a criminal!
Hi Juddy.

I'm not sure what you're talking about in you comment.

You see, my post has very little of my subjective opinion in it - it is simply a play by play, so to speak, of Ed's meltdown. He said those things of the Left and of Air America, not me. Your beef is with Big Fat Dumb Ed, who shot and killed his dog while hunting drunk and who - some say - would beat up his first wife Maureen while in drunken rages. Ed, not Maureen.

You know, I even find some good in Ed's program, it's entertaining and humorous. I see you just lump all Conservative talkers into one pile; My how objective you are for a Progressive?

See Juddy, you just don't get it. You just repeat the Talking Pts as given to you by folks like Mike Malloy and his Bush "crime family" name. You're not even original enough to come up with your own clever saying, others have to do that for you.

FYI I like Alan Combs, not "Allen". Huh, you cant even get your own liberal icon's name right - and I'm supposed to think you're commenting intelligently and/or intelluctually? Thanks for the laugh.
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