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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Al Gore Promotes Eco-Conservatism By Consuming Fossil Fuels, Wasting Energy

Internet inventor and Whining-Cry-Baby-Loser to the 2000 Election, EX-Vice President Albert Gore, Jr., is set to promote Concerts for climate change, BBC:

    ...eight concerts were announced by ex-US Vice President Al Gore, whose global warming film An Inconvenient Truth is up for two Oscars.

    Johannesburg, London, Shanghai and Sydney are among the host cities.

    Three other concerts will take place in the US, Brazil and Japan, with the cities still to be decided. There will also be a concert in Antarctica.

    Mr Gore made the announcement at a press conference in Los Angeles on Thursday, joined by actress Cameron Diaz and rapper Pharrell Williams, who will perform at one of the shows.

    "We have to get the message of urgency and hope out," Mr Gore said.

    "The climate crisis will only be stopped by an unprecedented and sustained global movement."

Nothing like globe-trotting, energy-consuming, continent-to-continent travelling rock stars, singers, their private planes, entourage, multi-vehicle limo/Hummer transportation, RV's, trailers, semi-trucks (to move their equipment from city to city), lights, camera, action and everything in between...

...oh, and of course backstage bowls filled with M&M's minus the green ones...all spewing pollution - car, jet and semi-truck exhaust, CO2, residual garbage...

...all in an effort to call attention to......conservation, wasting fossil fuel and "using less".

Is there any hypocrisy here, on Junior Gore's part and the whole concert tour?

Let me know. I'm undecided on it.


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My Thoughts

What a nut-sack! At least all the liberal global-warming believers in New York state won't be able to get to the concerts, as they are buried under 12 feet of snow! Who says God does not exist and has a great sense of irony?
That picture is hilarious!!
Mrs Nesbitt - yeah, nut-sack is a great word to describe "Junior" Gore. Maybe it's Gore that is god?!?!?

"Run AWAY................!"
Thanks JimmyB! It was fun to create!
Take care!
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