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Friday, January 26, 2007

Dan Sutton: South Dakota DemocRAT
Latest To Face Molestation Charges

Wow - those DemocRATS just can't keep their hands off young boys and girls, can they? The latest is South Dakota State Senator Dan Sutton.

From ABC News:

    A Statehouse scandal in which a lawmaker is accused of fondling a page has transfixed South Dakota, with many people following the case on TV and the Web as if it were a Hollywood reality show.

    Sen. Dan Sutton, 36, is accused of groping the young man last year while the two shared a motel room at the start of the youth's weeklong stint in the Legislature. The young man was 18 at the time.

And, taking my cue from the Lefties, I will call the 18-year old a "boy", since this is all we hear from the Left when they exploit the war by saying, "we're sending our 'boys' to die for oil." As well as when the Lefties called the 18-year old page in the Mark Foley case "a boy".

The boy described being sexually assaulted in the following manner:

    A former legislative page has told lawmakers that a state senator from South Dakota sexually groped him last year while the two shared a motel room at the start of the young man's weeklong stint in the Legislature.

    [The boy] told the committee Tuesday that he and Sutton shared a motel room for two nights last February in Fort Pierre.

    On the first night, he said, he did not realize ahead of time that the room had only one king-size bed and alleged that he was awakened repeatedly by Sutton touching him on his side, back and hip.

    [The boy] said he kept repositioning himself and turning over. "I was stunned and didn't know what to do," he said.

    On the second night, [the boy] said Sutton touched his genitals. [He said the senator] hopped out of bed, claiming he had missed a cell phone call, and left the room. He stayed elsewhere the next night.

    Sutton's lawyer, Mike Butler, said the story is complex and includes a failed business deal that involved Sutton and [the boy's] father.

    "Dan Sutton faces far more here today than merely a judgment," Butler said. "He faces the loss of his good office, the loss of what is left of his reputation." (Awwwww, doesn't that just make you reach for a kleenex to dry your eyes? - Ed.)

    [The boy] did not stay with Sutton again and told Senate attorney Jim McMahon he did not say anything to Sutton about what had happened.

    [The boy] said Sutton never asked why [he] decided to stay elsewhere or why he had tried to avoid Sutton in the Capitol.

AHEM..."the story is complex and includes a failed business deal...." - what the hell does that mean?

Well, it's likely only a matter of time until Sutton announces he's a raging alcoholic and will seek treatment for his drinking problem, right?

Sutton joins the ranks of such DemocRAT luminaries as Gerry Studds, Fred Richmond, Mel Reynolds and Gus Savage who just cannot keep their hands off young boys and girls.

How many days will it take before Sutton, or his lawyer, announce that the Groping Senator has entered into a Rehab program for some sort of chemical addiction?

You can bet the Letch on the left is a DemocRAT!

(Image Credit: "South Park", of course!)



Great job, Dan. All these Dems are nothing but a bunch of child molesters!
Hi Troy.

Uh, my name is Dave. Dan is the South Dakota perv. Just wanted to clear that up!
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