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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

MSM Wants Its Own YouTube

So, the MSM wants its own YouTube, huh? As usual, they're waaaaaaaaaaaaay late to the dance.

    While a deal is still far off, the four media companies envision a jointly owned site that would be the primary Web source for videos from their television networks, the paper said in an online report on wsj.com, citing people close to the situation.

    The companies aim to cash in on the fast-growing market of Web video advertising and have also discussed building a Web video player that could play clips, the Journal said.

Why, not only could they spread their propaganda via their usual network news programs that continue to attract minimal viewers and dwindling ratings, they can attempt to spread their obvious Leftward Bias via an imitation of YouTube.

Once again the MSM is late to game desperately trying to play 'catch-up'. FOX maybe - maybe - could pull a YouTube clone off. But CBSNBCABC? Uh, no - ain't gonna happen.

Look, Networks...just forget the idea. You're too late, as usual. The MSM doesn't lead the way, they're followers. By the time they got their version of YouTube up and running, something better and newer will have come along that completely antiquates what the MSM is trying to do.

There are ways the MSM could reinvent itself and once again become a leader instead of a withering and dying follower. But I'm sure as hell not going to tell them how to do it. At least not for free.


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You are so right about the MSM being a big, slow moving giant. They have their heads so far up their proverbial asses that they cannot remember what made their heyday so great: challenging hypocrisy. The market is ripe for them to turn on their DNC masters; but I'm afraid they are too drunk on the DNC Kool-Aid to realize it. Others have: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc.; but in keeping with your original premise, there is no mainstream media challenge to the leftist propaganda that passes as news these days. Fortunately, the publc has figured this out and has embraced the alternative media.
yeah, i agree. the MSM will go the way of the Guttenberg (spelling?) press if they don't reinvent themselves.

And I DO know how they could do that. But like i said, i'm not giving them any free advice. If they want to pay me, then "we" talk. Otherwise they can continue down the merry road to entropy.
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