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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Harry Reid: Stayin' At The Ritz!

Harry Reid, that old, savvy real estate mogul, has once again been caught with his hand in the cookie jar!

This time he used Campaign Contributions to tip the Staff at The RITZ Hotel where he lives.

Oh, he also Paid Cash for a $750,000 Condo at THE RITZ!

Harry Reid, an average, everyday guy who identifies with the working class...from his perch in the Ritz Hotel.

Let's all sing along with Harry as he sings the below lyrics to the tune of "Puttin' On The Ritz"!

Press the > for the music!

Stayin' At The Ritz - as Sung by Harry Reid:

"I tip my hat
Nevada land is phat
To make money
For guys like me
I score all hits-
I'm stayin' at The Ritz

I made my cash
My critics act rash
While I play the Fool
Not hard for me to do
Put up yer mitts-
I'm stayin' at The Ritz!

Have you seen my Candy Land in Nevada
My investment strategy couldn't have been betta -

My land is sold
This issue's gettin' old
Righties stop throwing fits
Your rhetoric is the pits
I'm gettin' my kicks-
Stayin' at The Ritz!"


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Hahahahahahahahah! How timely, as today is Peter Boyle's birthday too!
is today Boyle's birthday? He's a fantastic actor.

glad you like. thank you. this blog is all about meeting and exceeding reader satisfaction, as I'm sure you know.
This is great!
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