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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Where Were These Protestors?

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addressed and spoke to the United Nations Assembly on Tuesday in New York, NY. This is a man who harbors, represents and embraces dangerous and violent political and religious philosophies. Usually when someone like Ahmadinejad speaks somewhere in the Unites States, two groups of people can be counted on to appear in large numbers and protest. But these two groups were nowhere to be seen or heard during Ahmadinejad's speech.

Ahmadinejad's mores advocates the suppression of women. Equality between the genders does not exist. Women are placed in a role subservient to men and are expected to remain there. So, where were all the feminists outside of the UN building protesting Ahmadinejad's speech? The feminists were oddly silent on Tuesday much like their unremarkable silence during allegations of Bill Clinton's sexual abuse, rape and harassment of women. So where were the militant feminists protesting outside of the UN building on Tuesday? Where were you?

Ahmadinejad's mores advocates the suppression and execution of homosexuals. Homosexuality is considered an offense and a sin punishable by death. Ahmadinejad supports the executing of people based on nothing more than their sexual preference. So where were the militant gays protesting outside of the UN building on Tuesday? Where were you?

Various representatives of these two groups have been found in the past gathering and protesting speakers such as James Dobson, Dr. Laura, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. Yet these two groups made it a point to not protest Ahmadinejad.

We've had instances where women have alleged that Arnold Schwarzenegger groped them or made a pass at them. Instantly the women's rights crowd materializes and registers their outrage via the media. Bob Packwood and Trent Lott are two men who've experienced the wrath of the militant feminists. But Ahmadinejad - he gets a free pass from this group.

The militant gay protestors have, in the past, protested the late Pope John Paul II for his views on homosexuality. And on Tuesday we had Ahmadinejad who subscribes to the belief that homosexuals should be killed, and where are the gay protesters? Ahmadinejad gets a free pass from them.

We didn't hear from these groups because had they spoken up it would have meant that they agree with conservatives on these issues. It would have meant that they agree with...(GASP)...America and Bush!

I don't mean
all women's rights advocates or all gay men and women. I'm speaking of the militant and most vocal members of these groups who have elevated protesting to a full-time and professional level. Where were you on Tuesday?!

The only reason they did not show up in their usual, large-crowd, protesting numbers is that doing so would have meant contradicting their own Leftist political agenda. Remember this the next time either group thinks that their protest voices should be heard. Because their protesting voices were absent on one of the most important days that basic human rights were being trashed by the Iranian President.


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They can't protest because it's all or nothing for them. If they protest the fact they will be killed or stomped upon, that puts them in a different light.

And it truly is all or nothing... we can't accept the bad with the good when it comes to our national security... when it comes to war.

There's a line... damn if it isn't thin... in so many areas of politics these days. No one who is actually an elected official stands up and says "this is the way it is" without getting kicked in the nards. So many of them say nothing. Do we have a candidate on either side actually RUNNING for the presidency who says what they mean and mean what they say?

Personally... I will vote for a man with balls. Where is he?

... and it's not that I wouldn't vote for a woman... but she better have some steal in her pants in some capacity. Errr... you know what I mean.
Thank you,Bug, yes- you get it and so do many others. I too am tired - EXHAUSTED - of ALL politicians who try to play both, three, or as many sides to an issue that there is, simply to garner votes and support. And I definately apply this to conservatives...it's far from being something to only Dis the liberals even thought they deserve it the most because they bring it upon themselves.

I want someone running for office who will say "this is what I believe" and who won't try to weasel out of it, or try to appease those who may not like what he/she said.

It's insane and crazy what politics has fallen into, isn't it? It's a bottomless mud pit of rhetorical poop, and it shouldn't be... it should be as far from that as possible.

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The NY Times did not report on a rally that did take place precisely for the same reasons- not wanting to appear to support Bush.

See my post The Jews control the Main Stream Media in US
Bernie, thank you for the link, and yes, I did read your post, read it before I even knew you gave me a linky to my post. Good stuff. Your blog is a daily read for me. Thanks for visiting and commenting.
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