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Monday, September 25, 2006

And Let's Not Forget Bill Clinton, Somalia and Osama Bin Laden

Continuing in vain to rewrite history appears to be the motivation of some sites like this :

    Fox News' Chris Wallace claimed on Sunday that Osama bin Laden was emboldened by Bill Clinton's pulling out from Somalia after the 'Black Hawk Down' incident. But Wallace is dead wrong: Clinton kept U.S. troops there for six months...

and like this:

    My post this morning on Salon concerns the accusation voiced this weekend by Chris Wallace in his Fox News interview with President Clinton (a favorite accusation of neoconservatives) that Clinton "emboldened" Al Qaeda when he withdrew American troops from Somalia as soon as we suffered casualties, which (so the neoconservative mythology contends) led Osama bin Laden to believe that we were weak and could be defeated.

Well, let's FACT-CHECK OBL's own words from a CNN transcript of an interview with OBL in October of 2001:

    BIN LADEN: We believe that the defeat of America is possible, with the help of God, and is even easier for us, God permitting, than the defeat of the Soviet Union was before.

    Q: How can you explain that?

    BIN LADEN: We experienced the Americans through our brothers who went into combat against them in Somalia, for example. We found they had no power worthy of mention. There was a huge aura over America -- the United States -- that terrified people even before they entered combat. Our brothers who were here in Afghanistan tested them, and together with some of the mujahedeen in Somalia, God granted them victory. America exited dragging its tails in failure, defeat, and ruin, caring for nothing.

    America left faster than anyone expected. It forgot all that tremendous media fanfare about the new world order, that it is the master of that order, and that it does whatever it wants. It forgot all of these propositions, gathered up its army, and withdrew in defeat, thanks be to God.

Bin Laden sounds pretty emboldened to me, he being motivated by Clinton's U.S. military withdraw from Somalia. I'd say his words are perfectly clear that the cut and run in Somalia is when OBL established that the Clinton Administration clearly would not tolerate casualties because doing so would negatively impact Bill Clinton's "legacy" and poll popularity.

The question is not was there a U.S. military presence in Somalia for six months following Black Hawk Down, or did Republicans call for withdraw from Somalia. THE QUESTION is was OBL emboldened by the way Clinton reacted in Somalia. The answer is clearly 'yes', OBL himself says so! The Left has been very anxious to legitimize the words of OBL in the past, in all of his audio and video messages. Please, Lefties, don't tell me that now - in this one instance - you're going to downplay OBL own words.

But maybe that's just the way that that crazy Right Wing Conspiracy Arm of the Media - CNN - transcribed the interview. Yeah...that must be it.


Condi sets the record straight and nails Bubba for the liar he is over at the NY Post.
BOB, thank you for the info. I heard just a bit of that news on the radio and didn't get a chance yet to check it out. You always seem to know right where to go for the info! Thanks for visiting and commenting, good sir!
One thing that strikes me as odd is why your non-published comment puts forth nothing but scare tactics and conspiracy theories that long ago were debunked by Snopes.com and by Popular Mechanics:

Really, "Enlightenment" - you don't think you can get away with your propaganda here, do you?!?

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