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Monday, August 14, 2006

"You're a Fascist." "No, you're a Fascist!" "No, you're the one who's a Fascist." "I am not a Fascist but you are." "No, you're a Fascist."

If you run Windows on your PC or laptop, you know that their Word Processor program has a dictionary contained in it. While it is somewhat limited, it is pretty darn good at being accurate and giving enough examples of their definitions. So I looked up Fascism and it said:

"any movement, tendency or ideology that favors dictatorial government, centralized control of private enterprise, repression of all opposition and extreme nationalism."

Let's see now, which party best fits those descriptions?

Dictatorial government: Who advocates for a Nanny-State, a "we know what's best for you" and a "listen to us, we're far more intelligent at knowing what's best for you" mentality? Huh, which party swings that way?

Centralized Control of Private Enterprise: Who advocates for windfall profits taxes, who is for nationalizing health care as part of the federal government, who is for overregulating and over taxing businesses and who thinks private business is evil, price gouging and manipulative? Which party sounds like that?

Repression of all opposition: Who promotes quashing and repressing all forms of their opposition? What party seeks to eliminate the voices and the candidacy of Green, Independent and other Party Candidates? Which party grinds its teeth in agony, trying to silence Ralph Nader when he's runs as a presidential candidate? Maybe Joe Lieberman or Zell Miller can answer this question for us!

Extreme Nationalism: Who promotes their brand of politics as nationalism, much like the Utopian Nanny State, where liberals control every waking and sleeping moment of our lives? Which party seeks to perpetuate a class of people who are endeared to defeatism and pacifism, relinquishing their rights to a Federal Government Who Knows Best?

Fascism: the Left hurls this accusation at others with so much ease why, it's almost like they are consumed with Projecting themselves onto others. Would they do that? Do 'ya think?


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