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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Why Does Nancy Peloshit Smile All The Time?

I'm guessing the reason that Nancy Peloshit "perpetually smiles" is that she's had plastic surgery procedure, after procedure, after procedure and no longer has sufficient elasticity in her skin to make any facial movement other than a permanently frozen smile on her visage...

...Much like the character of Mrs. Ida Lowry (played by the wonderful Katherine Helmond) in the film BRAZIL.

Image 1: Ida Lowry in "BRAZIL". ******* Image 2: Nancy Peloshit in real life.


Ida Lowry, Nancy Peloshit ... anyone ever seen them in the same place at the same time?

"Hmm, I can't seem to diss her politics so I'll go after her personally."

She's probably smiling because she knows she's got more character than dumbasses like you.

Sarcasm usually involves bigger intellectual guns than you've got, dude.
Jonathan, you are right, I've never seen the two in the same room! Then again, I've never seen Christy HArvey and Tom Oliphant in the same room together either (see today's post)!

Thanks for visiting and commenting.
HA, "MrSatan", that's rich. Say, why is there no blog existing from the hypertext to your blog name? Are you a little Chickenshit Liberal?

You mean "go after her personally" the way Liberals personally attack Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, anyone on Fox News? The way Mike The Rotting Corpse Malloy personally attacks anyone who doesn't think just like him?

Is that the kind of personal attack you write about...do I have that right?

You wouldn't know sarcasm if it swallowed you whole and shit you out its colon the next day.

But I did enjoy you impotent attempt to try to make a point. Perhaps you will celebrate by throwing a Moral Victory Party.
Sarcasm usually involves bigger intellectual guns than you've got, dude.

Does a kindergarten attempt to parody the host's name (I mean, "Mr. Satan"? Really?) constitute those "bigger intellectual guns" you were referencing?

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You've been pwned, b#tch!
Hey JL -- "MrSatan" is funny, eh? No blog to check out from his hypertext. No balls, no bravery. He must be French!!
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