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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mel Gibson DUI Revealed As A Karl Rove Plot

It's been revealed that the Mel Gibson DUI and his anti-Semitic statements are part of a plan created and masterminded by White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove. The Gibson incident, nicknamed by Rove as operation "Passion of The Jew Hater", was initially crafted as an attention-getting distraction for President Bushs' falling poll numbers. But an unnamed White House source said the strategic ploy was put on a "save" mode, should a more critical event unfold in the future.

The plan called for Gibson, one of Hollywood's most well known and successful stars, to engage in a public drunken vehicular arrest and make asinine statements at critical moments in order to distract attention from more controversial political issues.

Rove; Gibson: Plot To Distract Public?

Sources told investigative journalist Jim McJim that it was Rove, Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld who put the Gibson plan into action this past weekend to distract attention from the War in Iraq and the conflict in the Middle East between Israel, Lebanon and Hezbollah. McJim says his sources tell him that a junior level Bush Administration official is still in the process of explaining the tactic to the president.

Gibson, who is politically conservative, is said to have agreed to the plan several months ago, discussing it in e-mail exchanges between himself, Rove and Rumsfeld. In one e-mail, Gibson writes to Rove saying, "maybe after the cops pull me over I can rant about the Arabs and how all of them are murderers." Rove responds to Gibson advising, "no, rant about the Jews instead," with Gibson replying to Rove, "brilliant!"

In another e-mail exchange, Gibson is reminded by Rumsfeld to, "get damn good and drunk before the 'act'. Definitely over the old, .10 limit," writes the Secretary of Defense. Gibson wrote back, "that won't be a problem."

Cheney; Rumsfeld: Co-Planners?

Travel records show that Gibson has met with Cheney three times this year in Wyoming for what is noted as hunting outings. Undercover and hidden video taken during one of the trips reportedly shows a drunken Cheney telling an equally drunken Gibson to, "remember to refer to all female cops you may encounter as 'Sugar Tits,'" followed by both the Vice President and Gibson howling with laughter and discharging their shotguns into the air. Gibson, responding to Cheney, says, "Sugar Tits (laughter), Sugar Tits, (laughter), that's just great, Dick." The tape purportedly shows Cheney responding with, "that's why I'm The Man, Mel."

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow denied any connection between the White House, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove and the Mel Gibson incident. "Any attempt to paint what happened with Mel Gibson as some sort of Rovian plot in order to distract people from other ongoing matters is clearly conspiratorial,
speculative, immature and belongs to the Tin Foil Hat crowd," said Snow.

Snow called the e-mails and video tape, "...fakes. Well done forgeries," adding, "I wouldn't be surprised if Dan Rather has his hands in this."


H/T: T.J. Edwards for conceptual contributions.

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It's always a contrived plan by Karl Rove, isn't it?
"EVERYTHING" is a Rovian plot Nico, EVERYTHING. Even me typing this....REALLY....!
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