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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Joe WHO ?

Did you know that when a Republican candidate runs against a Democratic candidate, and the Republican wins, the election is stolen? Somehow the Republican always manages to "fix" the election, either through manipulating voting machines, ballots, "chads" or some other hijinks.

But when an Extreme Lefty Democratic candidate runs against a Less Extreme Lefty Democratic candidate, and the Extreme Lefty Democratic Candidate wins, then it's all legitimate, completely "above-board". When the Extreme Left beats the Less Extreme Left there's absolutely no margin for election shenanigans. The system works so well, so perfectly, so glitch-free it's just downright amazing, isn't it?

The Dems sure are happy that Joe Lieberman lost to Ned Lamont. Have you heard any of the hosts or callers on Lefty Talk Radio? Why, if you didn't know any better you'd think Lieberman was a lifelong, hardcore, long-term Right Wingy Republican.

Some Lefties say,
"Oh...it was Joe Lieberman's internet provider and host that was responsible for his Campaign Site crashing Monday evening and into yesterday", the day of the Connecticut election.

Oh, his site crashing was
a bandwidth problem. How easy and remarkable it is for the Left to find a reason that cannot possibly be open for dispute and that stands unchallenged. How easy it is for the Left to not come up with a conspiracy theory when it's an intra-Democratic Party election.

Isn't it amazing that they Left can deny, without the slightest degree of uncertainty, that there was NO Denial of Service Attack, no hacking, no commandeering of Joe Lieberman's site? These are the folks who, without a good daily dose of Bush-Hatred-Conspiratorial-Chad Hanging-Diebold Rigged-Voter Fraud/Manipulation/Disenfranchisement, cannot function! Yet these same folks have their Rejoice and Hallelujah Moment for an election where they cannibalized one of their own.

Now, Cynthia McKinney LOSING to Hank Johnson by 41% to 59%... THAT'S A BELLWETHER.

Lieberman vs Lamont was no bellwether election for the Libs even though that's what they're telling themselves.

Isn't it both fun and funny watching these people go through their machinations? Don't they make you laugh? Who needs a Carnival or Circus? Because in the Center Ring of the Tent is the Insane Liberal Clown Posse.

Good luck in November, Joe.


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