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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Mountain Lion Vs Mankind


It's Mountain Lion Vs Mankind, in an Epic Battle Royale.

Mountain Lions in Western states are going after small dogs, other animals and in some cases, people, as a food source:

    Reports of mountain lions roaming neighborhoods and devouring family pets have cropped up from suburban Denver to Fort Collins, one of the most heavily populated stretches in the Rockies.

    In April, a lion attacked and broke the jaw of a 7-year-old boy on a trail in Boulder before it was chased off.

    The following month, witnesses said a mountain lion walked into a Boulder home, ate a pet cat and the cat's food before being captured. And a man shot and killed a 130-pound mountain lion that attacked his dog in May outside the family's home near Buckhorn Canyon in the Arapahoe National Forest.

    David Baron,[author of] "The Beast in the Garden: A Modern Parable of Man and Nature" suggests mountain lions may be learning to look at family pets and people as potential food.

    Ken Logan, a nationally recognized mountain lion biologist, said science doesn't support the premise that lions are starting to view humans as dinner.

And it appears Western states are not the only ones, with sightings of the animal appearing in North Carolina:

    Barrett Johnson and his son were out on a four-wheeler about three weeks ago in a field in the Wild Oak Estates area in Seven Lakes when, "a very large cat" crossed in front of them. Johnson's wife, Anne, described the incident.

    "They saw a large cat that was tan or dark brown with very light spotting, and it had a very long, pipe-like tail," she said.

    A security guard at Seven Lakes made the original report of a mountain lion in the area June 28. Karyn Ring made a second report June 30 after seeing something "bigger" than a bobcat along Jackson Springs Road.

Now, if we can determine that the mountain lions are only stalking Liberals...


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Good points all, Alan. As people move more and more out of the cities and "sprawl" out for some elbow room, we will encroach on our neighbors in the wild. Thinning the herd a bit (of the animals, not the people. No...wait a minute.... ;-)) isn't such a bad thing. As you noted, there hasn't been a sasquatch attack for decades. And the reason why? We've killed almost of them!

Thanks for visiting and commenting, Alan.
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