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Friday, July 21, 2006

How To Negotiate With Terrorists

As long as there are countries that will harbor and sponsor terrorists the civilized world will continue to have terrorism.

Through their "democratic" election, Lebanon has given legitimacy to terrorists by making them part of their government. Lebanon now has tangible evidence of just how bad an idea it is to formally recognize terrorists as part of its legislative process.

The United Nations, led by the ineffective and foolish Kofi Annan, is incapable of contributing a solution to the Israel-Lebanon-Hezbollah conflict. The UN required Lebanon to disarm Hezbollah. Huh - that didn't happen, amazing, isn't it?

Can any Liberal out there tell me how someone is supposed to negotiate with terrorists? Can any Liberal out there tell me how someone is supposed to negotiate with someone who is intent on killing and destroying you? Do you Liberals really believe that terrorists will work diplomatically to end their mission of death and destruction of not only Israel, but any group or people they define as their enemy?

Terrorism is a malignant cancer. It must be destroyed. Terrorists cannot live in harmony with the civilized world no matter how much Liberals want to pretend and make believe otherwise.

Israel has relinquished and returned land that they once occupied to their enemies under the guise that returning this land will result in peace. The only part of this accord that didn't work is that the terrorists didn't keep their part of the deal - imagine that! So much of what we are seeing today in the Middle East is the fallout from the foreign policy failures of the Clinton Administration that were not only ineffective but nothing more than a band-aid on a critical wound. The 1993 Oslo Accord - pfffhhht - as worthless as the paper it was written on.

Israel didn't break peace agreement after peace agreement after peace agreement. Israel didn't initiate and instigate attacks that violated any number of peace agreements throughout the decades. Gee, who could it be, maybe the Terrorists? You Liberals out there - you aren't seriously surprised that Terrorists didn't keep their word for peace once Israel gave up Gaza and parts of Lebanon, are you?

Now we have the Lebanese Government saying that if the scale of the war increases on the part of Israel, that Lebanon's military will join with Hezbollah to fight against the Israelis! Tell me again, Liberals, which group is predisposed to war and vows death and destruction to its perceived enemies?

The War on Terrorism will end - it will be over - when terrorists give up their violence and instead agree to peace, or when the civilized world destroys, kills or permanently incarcerates terrorists and their sponsors.

Terrorists cannot try to seek legitimacy and recognition by being part of an elected government - at least not until they prove that they've permanently put down their weapons and to date, they have proven themselves fully unable to do just that.

Hezbollah is targeting civilians and civilian populations with their rockets. Israel is targeting known Hezbollah inhabitations and the Hezbollah militia. Hezbollah hides behind civilians, women and children. Nice Play By The Rules this group is, eh?

Charles Kratuhammer is right, this is a defining moment where the world can multi-laterally condemn Hezbollah - and it has - and permit Israel to respond by whatever extent it needs to, to either destroy Hezbollah or return to peace on Israel's terms.

Israel is more than capable of handling this situation. Israel prepares for situations like this all the time, they've been doing it for decades. Terrorism has plagued Israel since its inception. No other country has endured and experienced the unrelenting attacks as has Israel.

It appears the only act of aggression that the Left is against is when the aggressor is a five-year-old Cuban boy or when a group of individuals, not harming anyone, hole themselves up in their place of worship. Then the Left suddenly turns into a militant hawk.


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