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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Announcer: "It's time to play 'GUESS THAT MOUTH' with your host, Gene Rayburn!"

(Cue Wild Audience Applause)

Gene: "Welcome to GUESS THAT MOUTH!

The rules of the game are simple.
Below me are twenty close-up pictures of the mouths of liberals. You have to guess whose mouth belongs to whom!

Now, here are some clues for you; as of today, all of these people are alive and as I said, they are all liberals. They could even be described as Extreme and Bitter Liberals. They range from the political, media and entertainment areas of our lives.

Good Luck! And now let's play... GUESS THAT MOUTH!"


Text ANSWERS are found in the comments section below, the first entry.

Full PHOTO ANSWER located
H E R E.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom
Row 1: Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Helen Thomas, Ted Kennedy;
Row 2: Al Franken, John Murtha, Howard Dean, Cluck Schumer;
Row 3: Tubby Moore, Cindy Sheehan, Albert Gore,Jr., Cynthia McKinney;
Row 4: George Soros, Janet Reno, Al Shapton, Randi Rhodes;
Row 5: Madeline Albright, Andy Rooney, Jesse Jackson, "You Know Who"

So, how'd you do?
Hmmm...if these people ever get their way, we're doomed to dhimmitude...women forced to wear burqas...we'll only see their eyes...Inspiration!
yeah...Helen Thomas, Janet Reno, McKinney, MrsSatan....a burqa would do them an overall improvement.

Oh - Peloshit too.

Heh...thanks for visiting and the words, Cowboy.
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