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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Word Games With Thom Hartmann

Don't Be Fooled By Liars Trying To Sell You The "Occupation" Of Iraq

The Left is trying another semantic ploy, this time replacing the word "war" with the word "occupation" with respect to Iraq. It's just another way for the Defeatist and Pacifist Crowd to couch their "cut and run" rhetoric.

Don't be fooled by them and don't buy what they're trying to sell you. It's the same tired and ineffective invective the Liberal Crowd has been trying to peddle for years instead of articulating a proactive message or a genuine idea to give voters a reason to elect them.

Substituting for Sham Cedar and Jeanananneane Garfoolio's Liberal Talk Show last night was MegaLiberal Thom Hartmann. His high-note, if you can call it that, was in saying that if the democrats start calling the War in Iraq an "American Occupation" then the American people will get behind the democrats for the November election this year. Let's revisit his words come November 8th of this year.

A caller to the show countered Hartmann's rhetoric saying we still have troops in Germany and Japan. Hartmann split infinite hairs and responded by saying we [our troops] are "invited by both Germany and Japan to be there." What an idiot. Russia poses no realistic threat to Germany nor Germany to Russia and we still have deployed U.S. troops in Germany. As for Japan, they pose no threat to the United States, they are an ally.

Hartmann also said, "When we take out a rag-tag country we [the U.S. Military] do it very well." Read that sentence again.

Do you see the sin that he commits with his words? Liberals preach against judging other people, countries and beliefs. But by his own words he just labeled and judged all lesser developed countries as "rag-tag". What is a "rag-tag" country in your mind, Thom? Please explain.

Oh, and hey, Thom, if "we take out a rag-tag country so well", why wasn't Bill Clinton able to take out Somalia? Why did he choose to cut and run? Why is his disastrous and embarrassing handling of Somalia still one our nation's most humiliating moments?

Thom, you claim to be intelligent, so surely you know that even those in your own political camp recognize that Osama Bin Laden says his defining moment that Americans cannot stomach U.S. Military casualties was established in Clinton's cut and run actions in Somalia. Why couldn't Bill Clinton take out a rag tag country like Somalia, Thom, huh - why couldn't Bill Clinton take out Somalia?

Because of Clinton's cut and run actions in Somalia, Bin Laden charged full speed ahead in planning and carrying out the events of September 11, 2001. Why did Clinton cut and run from Somalia, Thom, why? You know why and so do I. Clinton cut and run in Somalia because he feared a drop in his approval poll ratings. So if you're substituting for Sham and Jananananeane again tonight, go ahead and address this issue - if you've got the guts to - because I'll be listening.

Thom Hartmann: Trying hard to look more foolish than O'FrankenFailure?

Liberals have been trying to win elections and mask who they really are for decades by substituting more "friendly" words in place of "reality-based" words:

They're trying to replace who and what they really are - Liberals - by instead calling themselves "Progressive".

They attempt to fool people by replacing "tax increase" with the euphemism "investment".

"Pro-choice" is a code word for "Pro-baby killing".

"Terrorist" begat "insurgent".

"War" begat "quagmire" which, I guess now, begets "occupation".

The Liberals can play with words and language to their bleeding hearts' content, but they're not going to fool anybody but themselves. You can put lipstick, a camisole and a dress on a pig but it's still a pig.

We are not occupying Iraq. There is a war going on and it's a war against terrorism. The war on terror is spread out over several countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, North Korea, Iran and others where we may be working covertly. The war on terrorism will end when terrorism and terrorists are eliminated by the civilized world or when terrorists surrender.

It's a War, not an Occupation. Don't buy into the rhetoric of Left Wing Liars like Thom Hartmann. Their vested self-interest is to see America and its Allies lose for no other reason that their own political gains.

Failure is the Liberal mantra, it hasn't changed in fifty years and it's not going to change just because they play word games with the language.

See also: The Make Believe World of Thom Hartmann



i've listened to this guy and cant stand him. I'll bet he wears swastiki embrodered boxers.
Hey Nico...LOL!!

I bet Hartmann pulls shut the curtains and does the Goose-step too!

Thanks for the laugh and the comments!
Uh... errr.... actually... "cut-and-run" tactics started in the Middle East with my man Reagan... in Lebanon. With 240+ (242?) U.S. soliders dead, Reagan said 'hmmm, maybe we should just stay on our destroyers in the Med'

Reagan also negotiated with terrorists in Iran... but who's paying attention to history? You've got a dangerous radio personality to discredit!
Uh...errr..actually Anonymous, hit the submit button at 3:21AM, along with having your IP, city and state you're from, you gave it the olde' liberal try, didn't you. Alas, you so wrong, but I expect that from Anonymous Trolls like you.

You're comparing Lebanon, a country that's "leadership" was in ruins when our Marines were there, to Iraq? Nice try, real nice try, but you couldn't be more off base.

God knows you aren't going to let facts get in the way of what you "believe", but if you get really brave, I mean super-duper brave, try the info here: http://eightiesclub.tripod.com/id413.htm

Reagan negotiated with terrorists? REALLY? Wow, I guess that makes him a really bad person, doesn't it? Actually, he didn't, but don't let anything you hear on Liberal Radio change your mind.

So who are you anonymous...why so afraid to give yourself an identity or make yourself know? What are you afraid of?
dave...you are right. Anonymous doesnt have clue what s/he's talking about. Lebanon's structure of govt was in ruin with its leaders resigning. PLUS, after Reagan pulled our troops out of there he bombed the shit out then from the air and from our navy. To conmpare lebanon to iraq is absurd.

Is that what anonymous thinks we should do in Iraq...pull out and then bomb them? My cousin served at the time and was there, in Lebanon. Youre little Liberal Troll doesn't have the slighest grasp on what the hell went on over there. Keep up the good work, Dave.
Thanks Nico. You add good info to shooting down the lame argument of "anonymous". Of course, shooting down "their" rhetoric is like shooting carp in a barrel, right? Thank you to your cousin for his service.

Thanks for the words, Nico.
Anony has his-her-its head up its ass. Try a history book instead of Air America or Howard Dean.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Wow, you guys have a lot of insults for anonymous,... Wow, you guys have
a lot of insults for anonymous, but your logic isn't very precise.

I'm a fan of Thom Hartmann, but I don't agree with everything he says.
For instance, I believe that the major terrorist attacks that happen in
Iraq and also in Israel are "false-flag" attacks, in which US, British
and Israeli forces dress up as Arabs and engage in brutal attacks
designed to rpovoke a response.

Did you notice that Al Qaeda never took responsibility for 9/11? Or that
the Sunnis never took responsibility for blowing up the Golden Dome in
Samarra? Or how about the fact that Hezbollah denied being involved in
these latest actions, and only responded with rockets after Lebanon had
already been invaded? Terrorist groups that want to be taken seriously
claim their attacks. False-flaggers don't need to, because they know
their sponsors (us) will blame whoever they need to start a major assault.

You guys don't have a clue how the world really works. But I don't blame
you. Even liberals like Thom are afriad to really investigate the truth
under the stories. Fox News and CNN are both corrupt,.and that's why so
much killing and maiming keeps happening despite the efforts of
peaceniks like myself.
Hi Tahoma Activist - most of your comment appears, I took the liberty of editing out the the self-promotion of your blog not because it leans left, but because of the blatant and shameless self promo ;-)

I believe that the major terrorist attacks that happen in
Iraq and also in Israel are "false-flag" attacks, in which US, British
and Israeli forces dress up as Arabs and engage in brutal attacks
designed to rpovoke a response.

Wow, you're out in tin-foil hat land, aren't you? Other than conspiracy sites, do you have any reliable sources for some of the ridiculous statements you made? Let me know.

As far as the comments above to the anonymous person, it's lame to not give yourself a handle and at least ID. If one stands for their beliefs, they shouldn't be afraid to put their name or "a name" to it, even if it's just a handle. And I do thank you for leaving yours.
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