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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Minneapolis Mayor Asks For State Help To Combat Crime...Again!

The Mayor of Minneapolis, the ultra-Liberal R.T. Rybak, took another trip across the Mississippi River to St. Paul to beg the Minnesota Governor, Republican Tim Pawlenty, for money and manpower from the state to help solve the skyrocketing crime problem in Minneapolis.

The Minnesota State Patrol - The State Police - is going to assist the City of Minneapolis in its growing crime problem. From panhandlers to robberies and from shootings to murders, Minneapolis is unable to control its severe crimes and enforce existing laws against lawbreakers.

One of their answers to combating crime is a Lemonade Stand. Go ahead, click the link, I'm not making that up. Another organization has launched a Peace Bus;

The State Patrol is usually reserved to handle less localized law enforcement and instead concentrate on wider, more State-related, law enforcement duties and functions. But because the size of Mayor Rybak's ego far outweighs his superego, he sees his mayoral responsibilities as focusing his time and efforts more on trying to secure the 2008 Democratic National Committee convention, making sure no one can smoke in a bar or restaurant and appearing on local news showing how he cares about the environment by riding his bicycle. I think Rybak has set his sights on becoming a much larger "mover and shaker" in the big DNC arena rather than simply being the Mayor of Muderapolis.

Oh, god forbid you make a right hand turn at a red light at certain intersections. A camera will take a photograph of your crime and the city will mail you a ticket. Minneapolis takes its "No Right on Red" very, very seriously.

So Rybak again goes begging for the state to intervene in what is, and should be, a city issue. As with many city-financed programs, the city is the entity that is supposed to secure funding, via tax revenue, from its own residents for things such as the payroll of it police, fire and emergency personnel. Minneapolis has done this, but nowhere near to the extent they need to, and this is why Rybak went begging for help...again.

Minneapolis Mayor Rybak, Minnesota Governor Pawlenty

Why, even the editorial board of the cities newspaper, The Socialistopia Star Tribune, recognized recently that crime is skyrocketing downtown.

Information released in This News Story states that:

My first question is for Liberal Die-Hard Rybak supporters: how do you feel when you see your boy R.T. go begging for help, again, to a Republican Governor? Aren't you at all - or shouldn't you be - ashamed of yourselves for electing this guy? Sure, Rybak is an improvement over previous Minneapolis Mayor Sharon "Soupy" Sayles Belton, but that's not much different than saying "my botulism was relieved by dysentery".

My second question is for editorial board of the Socialistopia Star Tribune: what took you so long to admit the skyrocketing crime scene?

The editorial notes such tasty items as, the director of "Safe Zone" was herself groped, in broad daylight, in downtown Minneapolis while walking with a male companion. Groped? That's a very judgmental term to use, isn't it? The lady who was groped...why...she should have taken it as a compliment. Where's the sympathy for the groper? Or the panhandler? Or the public urinator? Should the Socialistopia
Star Tribune so be...Judgmental?

It's a textbook example of liberalism run amok, with a decades old liberal leadership mentality failing to deal with crime and criminal activity. And this same crowd shakes its collective head one day and concedes that, yes, Minneapolis has a crime problem. Huh...how about that!

We have Liberal Mayor Rybak asking Conservative Governor Pawlenty for help...again. I suppose it wouldn't look good politically for Pawlenty to say "fuggadaboutit". Or maybe the governor gets some sort of satisfaction in making Rybak look like an idiot...again?

They are overlooking the one solution to their skyrocketing crime problem, that of their sports writer Sid Hartman, who says, "Crowds Prevent Crime". Uh...yeah....

Well, it's official then, Minneapolis has a skyrocketing crime problem. It's true because the liberals that finally admit it is the same crowd that denied it for years. Maybe they can have an "Ode To Crime" Parade this summer.


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