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Friday, June 16, 2006

John Murtha Says...

John Murtha: "It's not a matter of stay the course. It's a matter of change direction."

In other words, 'Cut and Run'!

And more from John Murtha:

And still more from John Murtha:
I've never known any Democrat who has ever concerned themselves with the cost of anything, including war.

The truth, as has been repeated these last few days, is this: The Commiecrats will be there, with you, when the first shot is fired. But when the going gets tough, they will turn tail and abandon you.

Step aside Grandpa Simpson, for there's a new Coot in town:

Original Animated Graphic Credit: The Simpsons

Redesigned Murtha/Old Coot


Oh... and in case you didn't know... you can't speak of World War II or Vietnam or Iraq or any other war unless you were there to witness it first hand.

Hell... lets take the text books out of schools so no one will ever speak of these wars again.

I think it's asinine for anyone to assume that just because you haven't experienced something yourself that you have to keep your mouth shut about it.

If that were the case then I would have to decline being a parent because I'll be damned if I'm going to sit around waiting for some drug dealer to tell my child about drugs.

Or wait for some prostitute to tell him about sex... or some jailbird to tell him breaking the law is the right choice.

Lets just sit back and let the "know-it-alls" and "experienced" people raise our kids while we just fade away into nothing.

No thank you!
I'm back...

I just went to your link to nbc17 and checked out their latest poll...

When do you think U.S. troops should pull out of Iraq?
1 - Within the next year
2 - Immediately
3 - Whenever the U.S. president says it's time to exit
4 - There will always need to be a U.S. troop presence in Iraq.

So far it's 56% are saying "when the president says".

Will this poll be televised? Doubtful.
Hey Phoenix - wow, you hit some great points, as always. I'm not trying to be harsh on Murtha, but recently, he has not only advocated cutting and running but also acted like the Haditha situation is factual well before any investigation is completed. That's what really irks me about him, and he's a former Marine.

How can we cut and run on those we've promised to help? It's just insane to offer help, and then do a 180 and say, "see ya later, you're on your own."

That is NOT what the U.S. is about.

Thanks, as always, Phoenix
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