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Monday, June 19, 2006

The "Hating" Of America

We often hear how people hate America. We hear that other countries "hate us". And we are not surprised when we hear that some of our fellow Americans hate us, some of them living here in the United States and some expats living elsewhere. Some of the hate America talk is used solely for purposes of political divisiveness.

Why do you think some people "hate" America? Could it be because our form of government allows its people to speak freely about any subject or issue without fear of political censorship? Because we are free to criticize and protest our government leaders without fear of suppression? Is it because we are free to openly worship any religion we choose or to choose to not worship at all? Are we hated because, compared to many other nations, our relative wealth and standard of living is considered by many to be the best on the planet? Or are we "hated" because others are both envious and jealous of a combination of all the above mentioned items?

What I'm writing here is a compilation of conversations I've had with friends over several months. One of the ideas to come out of those conversations is how many people root for the best individuals to fail. It's somewhat like the old Hollywood adage of, "it's not enough for me to win, others must fail."

We know that a large portion of people frequently cheer for the number one ranked sports team or individual to lose. We see and hear people express their satisfaction when a Tiger Woods, a Jeff Gordon, or a Michael Jordan lose. We see and hear people express their satisfaction when the number one ranked sports franchise is delivered a loss by the underdog team. Is this all that different when we hear that some people "hate" America?

What motivates those who "hate" America? Their hatred may be fueled by envy, jealousy, resentment or simply political hatred. Their hate is no different than the schadenfreude that some people manifest in their desires to see a Bill Gates, a Donald Trump or a Britney Spears succumb to failure.

Rather than hating a successful prototype, why not work to emulate that successful model? Or would doing so compromise the rhetoric of those who prefer the "hatred" mode?

Democracy (actually, the U.S. is a Representative Republic), freedom and capitalism works everywhere and every single time it is given the opportunity to work. The same cannot be said for Socialism, Communism, Monarchism, collectivism or any other form of institutionalized government.

The Founding Fathers of the United States were incredibly intelligent individuals. We have not seen the likes of them - in any political party - since their passing. Not only did they recognize that the freedoms they endowed to us would be envied by others, they also recognized that without these freedoms the country they were giving birth to would become nothing more than what it was from which they were escaping.


I think the issue is what those successful people do with their success. Trump is a dick. If my daughter acted like Britney Spears she'd be grounded for life. People like that, in general, make it easy to hope for failure. You don't see many people hoping for Denzel Washington to fail--because he tends to be a good guy.

A problem with the American ideal of success is that along with it comes a right to act like a complete ass to whoever you want.
Hi Lucky, I'm going to play devil's advocate with you. Yeah, so Trump is a dick...it doesn't take away from his successes in life or what he's done as a private businessman. And there are those who would cheer his failures. Why? Because they're jealous or envious of what he's achieved.

I'm not a fan of Britney Spears music or whatever else she does. But I did catch some of her being interviewed by Matt Lauer last week. Here she is, at 20-something, has amassed a fortune and, whether someone likes her music or not, does in fact have a god-given talent in her voice. And now, the press is just waiting to see her stumble and fall. Why? They either hate her, are envious, jealous, or a combo of those things.

I agree, there's plenty of people who are successful who've managed to not become an ass: Bill Gates, Jerry Seinfeld, and a number of sports figures who are well known and wealthy beyond their imaginations, who have remained humble and not become an ass.

America, as a country has not become an ass. I think those that "hate us" hate us because they don't have the opportunities that we do, the type of government that we do, or the freedoms that we do.

Thanks for commenting and visiting, Lucky, and as always, thank you Sir fo your service to our country.
I don't really know why people hate the USA ans now I am the point that I really don't give a shit whether they like us or not. I see no reason to kowtow to a gotdam person hoping to make them like me. Either they like me for who I am or they don't and if they don't I figure it is there loss. But one damn thing for certain..I will be treated with respect or they will pay the price. I figure the government of the USA should take the same attitude. Our government seems to be acting like a fifteen year old middle school student bemoaning the fact that he/she is not popular with peers. But when the kid stops worrying about being popular and just does what comes naturally he/she finds a niche in the schools pecking order. Same with countries and right now the USA happens to be at the top of the pecking order. But if keep worrying why people don't like us we are not going to stay there not longer.
Hey Guy - well, I think the successful person, business or country will always have its share of "haters", those who are jealous and envious of the successful model. We can take that for granted. The problem I see lies in when the haters try to destroy the successful enterprise, and in this case we can call terrorists the haters. And some Liberal politicians and activists as well. I don't worry that we will always have a share of people who hate us.

I worry that if we don't do something about them-the haters, the terrorists- that, as you allude to, we won't be around much longer to do anything about it.

Thanks for the insightful comments and visiting, as always.
There are many people who love the US. These are the people I think about.

If you hate us than stop begging for money when you have an earthquake or tidal wave. You hate us than stop asking for assistance against this or that enemy. You hate us than stop asking for most favored nation trading status.
I agree with your second paragraph, in spirit, HT. But we both know that will never happen, no matter which party is the majority in Congress or in the White House. Sometimes we try to "buy" friendship with other countries and it backfires on us badly.
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