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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Global Warming Takes It Toll On Gore!

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Either that or he's smoking too many bongs. Something's odd about him lately. Perhaps it is his love affair with our imminent destruction.
Thanks Thirdee. Something is wrong with him, that's for sure. Did you see the story about global warming hitting one of its highest and most harmful periods during the 8 Clinton/Gore years! I bet he doesn't mention that in his movie.
Yes I did see that.

Yeah, I somehow doubt he mentioned that too.

You're welcome :)
Good Warp!
Yes! LoL. I saw that. Oopsie huh? He must have forgotten about that in his quest saving the world.

I remember when seeing him when I was a teenager and thinking he's was an all right guy just just in the wrong party.

Now. Now. He's just incredibly annoying and stupid.

Bitterness is my serious guess as to what's wrong with him. Yours?

By the way, you're welcome :)
Thanks Chrys!!! Appreciate your words!


Thirdee, yeah, I agree, he's bitter, annoying and stupid.

Thanks Thirdee.
Boy did I mess up that comment. It may be smart for me to start reading those things... :) Sorry.
you did just fine Thirdee, as always!
You're too nice. :) Thanks.
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