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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Democrats Celebrate Loss Moral Victory

San Diego, CA - Democrats and Liberals across the nation celebrated their Moral Victory of Democrat Francine Busby's loss to Republican Brian Bilbray yesterday in San Diego. The election was held in order to fill the seat of Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Mao Howard Dean is spending today busily popping the corks on champagne bottles. "We showed Republicans that the Democratic Party is the party of Moral Victories," said Dean. "We haven't been this happy with one of our candidates since Paul Hackett's Moral Victory over Jean Schmidt in Ohio," he said.

Nancy Pelosi agreed with Mao Dean. "The democratic party began its history of Moral Victories back in the year 2000 when Gore lost the presidency. We had another significant Moral Victory when Kerry lost in 2004. We're looking forward to this November when we plan to celebrate even more Moral Victories."

Democrats thought that an electoral win in a district rocked by the Duke Cunningham scandal would be tough and hard-won. Never did they think that a Moral Victory would be as easy as it was. "I'm elated," said Busby, "in my wildest imagination and dreams I never thought my Moral Victory would be achieved as easily as it was."

"I really have to hand it to her," said newly elected Representative Bilbray, "she just waltzed right in and stole that Moral Victory from me. I have to pay tribute to her and give her credit where credit is due."

San Diego political analyst, Jim McJim, of the McJim Political Consultants Institute, was shocked by the election results. "Frankly, I'm still in a state of shock and awe at how remarkable Busby won her Moral Victory. I wasn't expecting these results. All the polling data that my firm had showed Busby winning the election. For the end result to be one-hundred-and eighty degrees opposite of what I expected it to be, I too have to congratulate Ms. Busby on her Moral Victory."

Liberal Talk Radio was all abuzz today about Busby's Moral Victory. "This is great for Progressives," said talk host Sham Cedar, "this really shows all those Right Wingers which political party owns the Moral Victories."

Randi Rhodes, another Liberal Talk Radio host said, of Busby's Moral Victory, "I'm so happy for her and her Moral Victory. I'm so wildly pleased that there's moisture in an area of my body that I prefer not to name."

Fat Eddy Schultz, broadcasting from North Dakoter, attributed Busby's Moral Victory to the fact that there are more conservative talk radio stations in San Diego than there are liberal talk stations. (This is actually true, he said it on his program today). Schultz also called the Democratic party a "bunch of losers." (Also true, again said on his program today).

Busby's Moral Victory gives other democrats hope for the future. "I'm looking forward, should I run in 2008, as celebrating a second Moral Victory," said Senator John Kerry, who served in Vietnam.

Chairman Mao Dean said the election coming up this November gives his party hope. Said Dean, "This San Diego Moral Victory sends the Republican Party a message. A message that the Democratic Party is a force to be reckoned with! Why, come this November,
those of us in the Democratic Party hope to be celebrating even more Moral Victories. Yeeeeaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"



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