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Friday, June 23, 2006

Bill Clinton's Legacy: A Stench That Won't Go Away

The following was written in conjunction with S.T. Miller:

I know the Left hates it when anyone brings up the Clinton Presidency. They hate it because so many of the ills the world faces today are the direct result of the two Clinton terms. And they hate it because so much of what is written and said about the failures of his presidency is true. Otherwise they'd shrug it off.

The United States, and many others countries around the globe, today face hardcore problems that exist because of things done, or ignored, during the years between January 1993-January 2001.

The current climate that exists with China, North Korea and the Middle East exists for no other reasons than policies taken, or not taken, during the Clinton years. Yes, you Liberals may want to deny that and instead blame everything on Bush - not that his administration is perfect by any means - but the reality of the problems tied to America and so many of our allies are solely due to the Stench of Clinton's Legacy.

Clinton gave missile technology to China. He did it via Loral Space And Communications, which is owned by big-time democratic Sugar Daddy Bernie Schwartz. Clinton ordered the U.S. Navy to allow Chinese military officers to witness firsthand how our Navy trained its people. This is analogous to giving the opposing football team your playbook. Thanks Bill, for giving away such secret strategy and information.

It doesn't end there, not by any means. Warren Christopher and Madeline Albright, respectively Clinton's Secretaries of State during his two terms, endlessly placated North Korea. What do we have to show for it? North Korea's ability to hit us with a missile. Thanks Bill, for taking such a cooperative venture with North Korea, allowing them to run wild like an unruly and feral child.

And not only did the Clinton Crime Family appease North Korea, they gave the North Koreans the nuclear reactors to get the ball rolling! Now, did this happen because the Clinton Crime Family was incredibly stupid or because the Commies had intel on Clinton's "infidelities" and money laundering? You be the judge.

And let this roll around in your mind for a while: Suppose that the CIA had knowledge of Clinton's illegal campaign finance scheme via spies in China and somehow Clinton found out that they knew. What can the CIA do? They are not a law enforcement agency. The CIA's only recourse is to report it to the FBI, and possibly the Congressional Oversight Committee on Intelligence.

So Clinton - knowing this - blocks the CIA from being able to report it to the FBI in the form of the "Gorelick Wall." Then you have the Law of Unintended Consequences kick in via the Moussaoui investigation, and that leads to September 11 going forward when the FBI and the CIA collectively could have prevented it.

Then, the Clinton Crime Family has Sandy Burglar swipe the notes on Bin Laden from the archives and puts Jamie Gorelick on the 9/11 Commission to sanitize the whole thing. Evil, incredibly evil, if not treasonous and seditious.

China had Clinton by the in the palm of their hand and played him like a fiddle. Clinton took campaign contributions from the Chinese Communists and he counted on U.S. Intelligence Agencies such as the CIA and the FBI to not be able to cross communicate with each other in order to investigate his wrongdoings. In doing so, he became nothing but a puppet for the Chinese Communists, doing their bidding for them from the Oval Office.

Somalia became a haven for terrorists to group and re-group. After Clinton pulled the U.S. Military out of Mogadishu, Osama Bin Laden himself said this was a defining moment for him, realizing that the American public could not stomach casualties suffered by American Troops.

The Clinton Crime Family, in eight years, did more than is imaginable to bring the United States to a point where its intelligence agencies were compromised. Not only were they effectively cut off at the kneecaps to prosecute Clinton's misdeeds, they were ineffective in being able to deal with those who want to harm us. Any potential recourse to hunt down terrorists, within or outside of U.S. law and legal channels, became impotent even though the Clinton Mantra claimed it tried to prosecute terrorists in accordance to international law or otherwise.

The U.S., its allies and other free and democratic countries around the globe, who suffer, or have suffered any kind of terrorist attacks, are continuing to deal with the aftermath of the Clinton Crime Family and will be doing so for years. It will indeed be years if not decades, in trying to fix and repair the harm Clinton caused for what was nothing more than his goal of personal enrichment.


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