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Friday, May 12, 2006

Wiretap Schmiretap: Part 2

Wiretap Schmiretap Part 1 is the post below this one.

Did you read the New York Sun Editorial today? A colleague told me he heard Rush Limbaugh quoting from it. HERE is a link to it.

Here are some excerpts:

Oh, don't bother telling the whole story there, Stacie. Put forth your misleading information and red herrings with the hope that it brings your party legitimacy and some gains in the November elections.
Not disturbed as we all know, but disturbed by the story itself.

MrsSatan: "Deeply, deeply, 'Poseidon Adventure'-depths, disturbed."

Oh that BubbaCheese...anything to subvert our right to privacy...right, Commiecrats?


"...it's the phone companies DUTY to cooperate...." , Wow, the way the LiberNazis are reporting this you'd think Bush and Cheney just came up with this idea a couple months or weeks ago!
They Libs knew what they were doing in 1994. But now, they're trying to peddle a different story, aren't they? Selective Amnesia or Early Alzheimer's? If it's the latter, you should resign from office. We cannot trust something as important as our security to politicians who are afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease.

You want it both ways, don't you Liberals? Well, we're not going to let you have it both ways.

This is yet another fine example by President Bush and his Rope A Dope strategy. He gives you just enough rope, allowing you to make complete idiots of yourselves, and then historical information shows up that you supported the SAME THING when BubbaCheese was in the White House and that the Left overwhelmingly approved the same blueprint, the same plan, the same methodology!

Oh, wait, there is a difference, a huge one. The LEFT isn't a majority anymore, are they? "Oh, Dat's So Sad."

To quote Otter from "Animal House": "We're not going to sit here and listen to you badmouth the United States of America!"

Guess what Libs, I'm guessing come November there will be even fewer of you in Congress. And that's a good ---- no wait, that's a GREAT THING!!


I heard about this on Rush this afternoon too. You just have to wonder what the hell Mr. Slick and Mrs. Satan did with all the political intel the gathered via this wiretapping biz. FBI Files? Sheesh! THIS is how they have managed to stay out of jail so long. Those FBI files are all old info and not much play is left in them. They must still be getting the goods on their opponents somehow (a mole at NSA perhaps?) They sure left behind enough moles at CIA and the State Dept. to make this scenario possible.
The past is the past. If Mr. Clinton used the NSA to spy on us, it is part of history now. We can do something about what the current president is doing. We should demand an end to it.
donnab - so we should forget the past? if so, why is the Left always reminding us of how horrible they think of, and feel about, President Nixon, one of the finest presidents in contemporary time, if you ask me.

donnab, you are Hillary, posting under an alias, aren't you? I bet you voted for Gore and Kerry, didn't you?
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