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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


There's no need to fear, UnderGore is here!

Sweet Polly Planet Earth is in "Danger...Danger!"

The EX-Vice President and LOSING Democratic Presidential Candidate of 2000 says:

And from HERE:
Really? More scary than This Movie? Shaaaaa...No Way!


Oh, so you want people to care and you want them to believe that what this film claims is true, and you insult a large part of the potential audience by referring to them as 'red state Humpty Dumpties'?

Anyone out there on the Left that wonders why people don't listen to your message? Anyone out there on the Left that wonders why so many people consider you gas-bags and full of hot air when you pompously promote an agenda that you claim is objective but in the next sentence you berate and belittle a segment of the public that - prior to your insult - might have given your message a chance?

All I can say is keep it up. For you must be in a deluded state of mind to think that this type of message actually plays in Peoria.

More Gore Sarcasm HERE!


"I can see the film doing well in arthouse theaters and in environmentally-conscious, liberal cities like Seattle, but will it play in the Midwest and South to the 'red state Humpty Dumpties'."

That's a debating tacting that seldom works for me: insulting the people I want to influence! How does that go?

ME: "Do you want to see this movie?"

JOE SCHMOE: "No, not really."

ME: "You NEED to see it, you red state Humpty Dumpty!"

JOE SCHMOE: "Oh...well since you put it THAT way, sure! I'll go see it!"
Hey JL - yes, it is bizarre isn't it? To insult a block of your potential audience before the film has even been released in those areas? Man, that's
Public Relations 101: Don't insult your audience.

And I always thought Humpty Dumpty was more an eggshell color than a red hue.

Thanks for writing.

(so are you going to see the film?)
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