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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Send In The Clowns Trolls!

Liberals are such a tolerant bunch. Except when it comes to tolerating views different than their own. Then they result to name calling, insulting religious beliefs and immediately resorting to personal attacks.

One can never take the comments of Liberals too seriously. They have an amazing and copious lack of facts, history and knowledge. They make up for lacking these qualities by a steadfast mentality of "what they believe is true", even when their beliefs are easily proven wrong.

With their extra-large Tin Foil Hats in place, they pretend to have insight and knowledge in subjects of which they are clueless. Religion ranks highly in their complete lack of knowledge. However, "Bush is wrong" and "Republicans are evil and/or corrupt and/or fascists" ranks as their number one shrill and unfounded complaint.

They do not apply the standard they set for others to themselves.

No, it is the rare Liberal indeed, that one can engage in an intelligent discussion or have a rational exchange of ideas.

But we have to be thankful for these Liberals and the endless hours of entertainment they provide. They make us laugh, they prove their ignorance time and time again and they are a gift that keeps on giving when it comes to making the rest of us feel superior and contributing to our healthy self-esteem.

With the above said, I have the following comments to say about those special little, closed-minded individuals at "ThinkRegress":

Worfeus - I bet you were a D or D-minus student provided of course, that you're not still in high school, or maybe grade school? You were held back a grade, more than once, weren't you?

Worfeus - Comment # 81: "pharisical" isn't a word. I could tell you how to spell it correctly, but why correct your ignorance. You should remain ignorant. That way people can't possibly take your writing and opinions too seriously.

"Comprable" isn't a word either, Worfeus, unless you are using some secret and arcane language that is unknown to the rest of the world.

Your atrocious spelling diminishes your feeble attempts at making a point, making your comments laughable and ones that are easily discarded - uh, discarded means to throw away, as in to throw away garbage. You live in the basement of your mom and dad's house - or above their garage - surrounded by "Star Trek" memorabilia, don't you?

Worfeus - comment # 136, says "And as for my spelling, sorry I don't use a spell checker."

As I responded in a follow up comment to you, you don't need a spell checker, just a rudimentary and basic grasp of elemental education in grammar and spelling. But like I wrote above, your report card was probably chock full of D's or D-minuses. How many times were you required to attend Summer School? Will you be attending this summer as well?

Clif - comment # 123 - "That raid (WACO) was initially planned during the Bush 43 watch and the raid occured [sic] On [sic] February 28, 1993, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) raided Mount Carmel, resulting in the deaths of four agents and six Davidians. Janet Reno took office March 11, 1993, thus the situation was already out of control BEFORE she got there."

You are so historically wrong it's sad. Buy a history book. Start with a children's history book - maybe one only with pictures and later work your way up to one for adults, you know, the kind of book with words.

You are right in that Mr. Reno was not confirmed until 3/11/93 (hey Clif, even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then!), but it certainly isn't beyond reason that she was involved in what went down in Waco prior to her confirmation.

Clif - same comment # as above: "That raid (WACO) was initially planned during the Bush 43 [presidency]." Clif, not only do you suck at spelling (see comment #140 immediately below this one) but you fail with numbers as well.

"Bush 43" was responsible for the Branch Davidian/WACO slaughter?

In order for
Bush 43 to have planned the Branch Davidian fiasco, "W" would have to travel back in time to 1993. Bush 43 was working with the Clinton Administration then? You're a regular mental midget, aren't you Clif?

Clif - comment #140: "yopurs", "initialk", "equiped", "warrEnt"?, "Accwept"?

Clif, are those actual words? What language is that - do tell. You were held back a grade or two in school too, right? Are you Worfeus' roommate, living in "Star Trek" fantasy land?

Clif, same comment # 140: "[you] just had to make a [']Clinton did it too['] comment". Yeah, it was incumbent (big word for you, I know, ask your Mommy what it means) of me to mention Clinton. For the U.S. will be paying for decades having to undo the misdeeds of his excreable two terms.

btruthful: you have to be a woman with a cutesy little "handle" like "btruthful", right? Raging irrational emotion and "feelings" permeate every one of your comments. What's it like to have estrogen-driven rhetoric replace any semblance of factual reasoning? Do you have any original thoughts or just parrot the other Liberal commentors? btruthful wanna cracker, Bwwwwwaaaacccck!

While the Left takes nothing said by Bush, Cheney or any other republican or conservative at face value, they stampede to a conclusion in never questioning or doubting anything said by John Murtha, Harry Reid, John Kerry, Al Gore - you know the "name drill" by now.

While the Left automatically labels anyone disagreeing with them as a Ditto Head, a Hannity Head or a Coulter Clone, they fail to recognize and admit that the sources of their rhetoric is from the likes Randi Rhodes, Al O'FrankenFailure and the decrepit rotting corpse known as Mike Malloy.

The difference, and I can speak for myself and others that I know, is that if we hear something from Rush, Hannity, Coulter or Savage - we search out other information sources on the topic or issue before putting it to print or jumping to the conclusion that it must be true.

Liberals, on the other hand, take what they hear from their propaganda leaders as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, without putting in any time to research it.

Want examples? Here's a few:

* "Rove will be indicted for perjury within 24 hours," the famous, and thus far inaccurate prediction by Jason Leopold. Well, it's been almost three weeks. And you liberal bloggers ran with his story without any factual basis backing it up, didn't you? My, you must be proud of how accurate and solid your information source is. Have you posted an "I Was Wrong" piece yet? I'd imagine not.

* How about hanging Tom DeLay out to dry before he even had a chance to appear in court? And what about the fact that now, many of the charges against him have been dropped? Any retraction by you liberal bloggers on those dropped charges? I'd imagine not.

* How about that prediction by Liberal Icon Bill Press that "within six months, the Newsweek-Koran story will be proven to be true,"? Well, it didn't prove accurate within his own stated timeframe and today, six months later, it still doesn't hold true, does it?

* What about John Kerry saying he will fully release and disclose all of his military records? Has he done that yet or is he waiting for his presidential run in 2008 to do so?

What you're doing with Haditha is rushing to judgment, for nothing more than political reasons, before the facts are known and an investigation is completed. Today's top of the hour news (about an hour ago) stated there hasn't been any first-hand witnesses of what happened in Haditha. Maybe that's true and maybe it isn't. But the Liberace Liberal Crowd can't even extend the benefit of doubt to the military.

Damn it's funny, because this is the same crowd that preaches to others to "wait until all the facts are in", "wait until all the information is known", "wait until the investigation is complete". Yeah, but not when it comes to anyone, any organization or situation that you prefer to use as a desperate attempt to regain a political foothold. You're pathetic.

There's a saying among people who go through any type of treatment for chemical addiction. It goes, "if you throw enough sh*t against the wall, some of it will eventually stick."

The problem with Liberals is that they just keep throwing and throwing and throwing, yet nothing sticks. And when they see that it's not sticking, they throw more and more in vain, desperately hoping that some will stick. But it never does. They're afraid to go back and say, "sorry, it didn't stick". Instead, they just move forward (backward?) and throw some more.

And this is why the majority of you Liberals out there are nothing but a laughing stock, an endless source of material for those of us who easily poke holes in your inaccurate knowledge of history, your flawed, bogus and deceitful "facts" and your insincere attempts in blaming anything that goes wrong on your political opposition.

Send In The Clowns Trolls...Don't Bother, They're Here! Or, rather, they're at ThinkRegress.



I don't comment much on your blog even though i read if often, but you've always been fair and civil with me. Although I'm not your typical liberal, I am a liberal and theres plenty of blame to go around on both parties, including the liberals who never wanna take responsibility for their errors and mistakes.
Zogby has conducted a poll

Well, we know that poll is wrong. Quoting Zogby?

our like a tree that has fallen in the forest where no one is around to hear it make a sound.

Wow me with your intellect! Whew...was it Proust who said that?

Much like that tree that falls and no one hears, so are anonymous comments. Nobody really cares what someone who won't ID themselves has to say.

But thanks for trying.
Hey Lib, long time no comment from you, glad you're still visiting.

including the liberals who never wanna take responsibility for their errors and mistakes.

Are you sure you're a liberal? Just kidding...

I agree with you, there is plenty of blame to go around. As Rev. Gisher so often writes, the problems we, as a country, face are so much more than a Left and Right issue, and too many people fail to recognize that.

Thanks for your input, as always.
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